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Spring, 2012                                                                                                   

Issue 14

Emily's Intro...mickey mouse ears

Welcoming the month of March...


As I sit down to write this intro, I struggle, as I often do, to find new words to share with you, our loyal supporters. But here goes!


Happy March! I am so glad February is over!  If you have followed our journey from the beginning, you know what a sense of dread February brings.  Early February, 2007, was the last of our "normal, before cancer" life.  Even though Sophie was having unexplained symptoms already, we were still unaware of what was to come.  I remember those days vividly and the day of diagnosis like they were this past February.  February 20 and 21 of 2007 will always be the worst two days of my life.  And in the time since we have traveled this journey, other disheartening events have also occurred in February.  First the death of fellow DIPG patient Grace Ekis on Valentine's Day, 2008, and then the death of fellow St. Jude DIPG patient Sam Jones, on February 25, 2008.  While we mourn our Sophie and grieve for all what could have been, we are comforted by Sophie even though we can't see her.  We all continue to see signs from our little "angels." Recently Tamara, Grace's Mom, saw an amazing "sign" from both Grace and Sophie.  (This photo to the right is a preview.)  Visit The Pony Princess carepage to read all about it. What an affirmation of our purpose and passion!!  


And so even though I despise February, I look forward to spring and our upcoming season of fundraising.  The memories of February - October 6, 2007 and the "signs" that Sophie continues to send us serve as both a sign of faith and as an inspiration to continue the fight for the other kids who are currently, or one day will be, fighting brain cancer.  I know in my heart, Sophie would want this; therefore, we keep pressing on five years later.  Please stay tuned to our efforts.  We have passed the point of donating over $250,000 to meet our mission!  And it is because of your support of our fundraisers that we are able to do this.  


Last, I would like to thank you for caring enough to take time out of your busy day to read this newsletter.  If your email inbox is anything like mine, you get dozens of emails a day, with not enough time to read through them all.  My Mom and sister spend a lot of time gathering information and preparing this newsletter. I thank them for their commitment to providing our supporters with accurate Foundation news.  So if you are reading this intro don't stop here; I encourage you to read further and see what SFSF has been up to. It amazes me, and I hope it will amaze you!


Forever Chasing Rainbows,

Emily Quayle

SFSF President and

Sophie, Sarah and Marie's Mommy 



DIPG Spotlight: Elric Childress


This issue's spotlight is on Elric Childress, a 10-year-old from Virginia Beach, VA. With an "I-can-beat-it," attitude, Elric has long-surpassed the prognosis given to his parents at his DIPG diagnosis in October, 2009. His fighting spirit however, has been accompanied by many, grueling medical problems.


Back in September of 2009, Elric displayed what his parents, Kelly and Eric, believed to be extreme anxiety about entering second grade. Refusing to get on the school bus, screaming, and carrying on marked his September behavior. However, once calmed down, he seemed to adjust, but when the school nurse observed some changes in his walking and using his right hand, coupled with a few cases of Elric's eyes rolling back, his parents took Elric to his pediatrician. An MRI indicated a tumor in his brain stem. With a "not-much-we-can-do" prognosis, Kelly and Eric, with their fighting spirit, scoured the internet and called St. Jude. One week later, the family headed to Memphis for Elric's six weeks of radiation, along with his acceptance into a chemo protocol of Dasatanib and Vandatanib; his post-radiation MRI indicated tumor shrinkage. Arriving home just weeks before Christmas the family was happy to be home. However, Elric was again showing signs of the cancer. A CT scan in Virginia indicated "enlarged ventricles," with a cyst growing inside the tumor, pressing on his brainstem. By his eighth birthday on January 7, the family returned to St. Jude. For the next eight months, Elric remained in Memphis with mind-boggling, medical problems. Initially, Elric had a VP shunt inserted to regulate the flow of spinal fluid and decrease swelling, along with a cyst-drainage procedure. Complications with the shunt led the doctors to externalize the tubing in his abdomen that collected the spinal fluid. The spinal fluid showed NO CANCER!


In February, Elric was re-admitted to St. Jude because of a GI tear, resulting from continuous vomiting; seems as though Elric was allergic to the Zantac and Septra he was being given. During his 16 days of "healing," Elric developed a yeast infection in his first abdominal incision. Three months later, the incision healed.    


Another MRI indicated white spots at the tip of Elric's left brain ventricle, meaning the cancer had spread. Elric was removed from his chemo protocol and given Etopiside, which unfortunately caused tumor growth. Another CT scan revealed a brain bleed caused by Lovenox, which Elric was given to help with a blood clot that developed in his leg; however, with that scan, the white spots were no longer evident. Thus, Elric, with much insistence by his parents, was put back into the chemo protocol, which actually was shrinking his tumor. Whew! After eight months, Elric returned home.   


At almost a year since diagnosis in 2009, Elric was in Virginia dealing with his many, medical issues, but with a dauntless attitude. A November MRI at St. Jude indicated a stable tumor; his protocol required an MRI every two months.    


With the new year, Elric began "pushing himself to walk with the use of his Gait Trainer and to use his right hand, anxiously awaiting his Make-A-Wish trip to Disneyworld with his parents and younger sister, Kat. Days before the scheduled trip, Elric developed a pain in his right leg, accompanied by a "red band" around his thigh. A diagnosis of cellulitis in his leg resulted in a week's hospital stay and a postponed (again) vacation.    


Finally in late February, 2011, the Disney trip became a reality, thanks to the patience, understanding, and accommodating ways of the Make-A-Wish and Give Kids The World foundations. Mom, Dad, Elric, and Kat's much-awaited and well-deserved trip was perfect.      


In March, Elric was given Clindamycin because the redness in his leg was still visible, but he continued with his speech, occupational, and physical therapies, as well as his homebound schooling. An April MRI showed once again a stable tumor, but Elric's blood pressure and urine proteins were both elevated, so his chemo regimen was halted. He was taken off the Clindamycin because the redness in his leg was now attributed to his body making a mass of new veins to route around the vein with the blood clot, however, the high dosage he was on previously affected his voice and speech.    


Welcome, summer --- In June, Elric's protein counts were down and his protocol resumed with a lower dosage of Dasatanib; another MRI in July, another "stable" report; and another addition to the family: Angel, a large mixed German Shepherd who befriended the Childress' cats, Stormy, Shadow, and Casey and became Elric's inspirational and helpful companion.    


The Childresses were back in Memphis in September --- when Hurricane Irene hit at home --- and although their home was not damaged, they were happy to not to have been in Nature's wrath. Another stable MRI was not overshadowed by the possibility that the blood clot in his leg would probably prevent Elric from walking again. Only one more trip to Memphis in early November; the family was happy to have been home for all the major holidays in 2011: Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, even though they knew they'd be traveling to Memphis on Elric's 10th birthday in January. So far 2012 has been relatively devoid of major medical issues. Having extended his protocol for another year, Elric will continue his every-eight-weeks trip to Memphis because that means that his tumor is not growing.    


Although it appears that Elric's life is all about his medical treatments, he remains a spirited fighter, enjoying his Legos, learning about ocean animals, and watching movies, especially Harry Potter and Star Wars. Speaking of movies, having watched Winter the Dolphin inspired Elric's dad to contact Hanger Orthopedics, who is making Elric a custom pair of leg braces that will not cause skin irritation. Those, along with his compression boot, which massages his leg, allowing built up fluid to circulate and his lymph nodes to re-absorb the fluid, are helping Elric with his determination to try whatever is available because "it might save another child's life." There's no doubt that his fighting spirit is his own special medicine. Follow Elric's amazing journey as he begins his aquatic therapy and heads to Memphis this week by visiting his website.



The best thing about giving of ourselves is that what we get is always better than what we give. The reaction is greater than the action.

                                                                          ~ Orison Swett Marden


SFSF St. Jude Marathon Team Raises $25,390


pasta dinner 2011

Team Smiles For Sophie Forever 2011:

Colleen Roth, Kristin Van Euwen, Amy Wilson, Leslie Farmer, Jennifer Roncone, Emily Quayle, Dana Mueller, Sarah Smith and Susie Miklaski.

For the nine who participated in the St. Jude Marathon Weekend, December 2-4, the exhaustion and aching bodies are now just a vague memory, but the exhilaration and the money raised lives on through both a commitment to run next year and the grants that SFSF continues to give away to families of children afflicted with pediatric brain cancer. A total of $25,390 ($10,000 from SFSF) was raised by the nine runners and the three at-home participants, placing the group among the top 25 fundraising teams and giving them recognition at the St. Jude Pasta Dinner.


The team included Leslie Farmer, Susie Miklaski, Dana Mueller, Emily Quayle, Jennifer Roncone, Colleen Roth, Sarah Smith, Kristin Van Euwen, and Amy Wilson. With the exception of full marathoners Colleen Roth, Kristin Van Euwen, and Amy Wilson, the remaining six completed the 13.1 half. Farmer, Miklaski, Quayle, Smith, and Van Euwen were all repeat participants; this was Emily's fourth St. Jude race. Although the team was originally an even dozen, three registered participants Elizabeth Gedeon, Kristi Kiehl, and Kim Walters had to forego the Memphis trip for personal reasons, but raised funds to support the team.


Sarah Smith, who took the St. Jude challenge of raising the most on-line donations during one week's time, won an Apple iPad2, which she generously donated to SFSF. The iPad2 was raffled before Christmas, adding $1000 to SFSF's coffers (see related story).


St. Jude continues to offer incentives to top fundraisers and several of the top fundraisers donated their incentive prizes to SFSF to be used in the Fifth Annual Bash and Dash on July 4, 2012. Airline vouchers, iPod shuffles, and St. Jude gear will be among the items available for raffle or auction.


Libby Smith of ALSAC/St Jude presents Sarah Smith with her winning iPad2.


  • June 18, 2012 - Sixth Annual SFSF Michigan Golf Outing Warwick Hills Country Club, Grand Blanc, MI
  • July 4, 2012 - Fifth Annual SFSF Birthday Bash & Dash   Walker Road Park, Avon Lake, OH 
  • September 15, 2012 - First Annual SFSF Ohio Golf Outing Mallard Creek Golf Course, Columbia Station, OH

According to SFSF Board President Emily Quayle, "SFSF is in great need of corporate sponsors, donations, services, gifts-in-kind, and race volunteers. Our events are successful because of the work and generosity of our loyal supporters. Please consider donating your time, talents, and treasures to any or all of the above fundraisers by emailing me. Help us fight pediatric brain cancer, help families with children battling brain cancer, and spread awareness of the monster who is taking the lives of our children."


Anyone wishing to volunteer their help for the Birthday Bash and Dash on July 4th, please email Tru Pace. For all other race related questions, please email race director, Michelle Polinko.


For MI golf outing questions, please contact Bob Quayle at 810-241-8340 or Brett Quayle at 810-252-3053 or email Brett.


For OH golf outing questions, please email Marc Quayle.


Updates and registration for the above events will be posted on the SFSF website as information and forms become available. Details will be shared in the next issue of Smiles for the Season.



Always plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.


                                                                           ~ Richard C. Cushing 


SFSF Supports St.Jude DIPG Research  


In keeping with its mission to support St. Jude, SFSF, along with its St. Jude Marathon Team, (see related story), has donated $25,390 to St. Jude. With this and previous donations, SFSF has been named as a contributor to St. Jude's latest DIPG research published in the January 29 online edition of the scientific journal, Nature Genetics.


Findings reported: "Cancer sequencing initiative discovers mutations tied to aggressive brain tumors (www.stjude.org/baker-DIPG) which offers important insight into a poorly understood tumor (DIPG) that kills more than 90% of patients within two years." Documenting that nearly 80% of the tumors have mutations in genes not previously tied to cancer, researchers are "hopeful that identifying these mutations will lead to new selective therapeutic targets," said Suzanne Baker, PH.D., co-leader of the St. Jude Neurobiology and Brain Tumor Program. "This discovery would not have been possible without the increased approach taken by the Pediatric Cancer Genome Project," says Baker.


In addition the study could not have been conducted without the use of donated tumors, among which is Sophie's tumor. The Quayle's decision to donate Sophie's tumor over four years ago, continues to have far-reaching effects. SFSF is proud to be a contributor to the work of St. Jude and viable cancer research.


Follow the latest St. Jude updates by visiting www.stjude.org. St. Jude, currently celebrating its 50th year in operation, has changed the way the world treats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases with no family ever paying for treatment or care.


st. jude logo



All of us are born for a reason, but all of us don't discover why. Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It's what you do for others.

                                                                           ~ Danny Thomas 


SFSF grants approach $275,000


Since December 1, 2011, the Foundation has helped 18 families and awarded $16,588 in grant money, bringing the total amount of family grants awarded to $208,028. The grand total donated by SFSF, including donations to The Cure Starts Now ($37,000) and St. Jude ($25,000), is $270,028.


Every month, the SFSF Grant Committee approves applications for financial assistance for families of children with brain cancer. The children of the families who received grants in December 2011, January and February 2012 are: 

  • Jerelyn, age 8 - glioblastoma multiforme grade IV
  • Elric, age 10 - DIPG
  • Savannah, age 10 - medulloblastoma
  • Lisseth, age 6 - DIPG
  • Kaden, age 7 - pilomyxoid astrocytoma
  • Koen, age 2 - choroid plexus carcinoma
  • Addison, age 4 - DIPG
  • Clifford, age 9 - hydrocephalus astrocytoma
  • Isabella, age 12 - pilocytic astrocytoma
  • Amara-Rose, age 1 - optic glioma
  • Levi, age 2 - optic glioma
  • Kristine, age 19 - medulloblastoma
  • Jacob, age 2 - pilocytic astrocytoma
  • Arionna, age 9 - DIPG
  • Alexis, age 6 - SIPG
  • Jamarcus, age 8 - pontine astrocytoma
  • Maisa, age 7 - optical pathway glioma
  • Bryon, age 5 - optic glioma


cancer action day

Cancer Action Day in Washington, DC is scheduled for June 4-5, 2012. Sponsored by the American Childhood Cancer Organization, the event features the Alliance for Childhood Cancer and its 25 members who come together to host a two-day event that includes issues and advocacy training, and pre-arranged Capitol Hill visits with Congressional representatives and their staff. The goal: to provide the childhood cancer community - parents, children, and others - with the opportunity to visit Capitol Hill and advocate for the important childhood cancer issues currently before Congress.


Founded in 2001, the Alliance for Childhood Cancer is a forum of national patient advocacy groups, and medical and scientific organizations. These organizations meet regularly in Washington, DC to share ideas and concerns and work collaboratively to advance policies leading to improved research, public education, diagnosis, treatment, supportive care and survivorship for children and adolescents with cancer.


Online registration opens April 2, 2012. Contact rhoffman@americanchildhoodcancer.org  for further information.



The true meaning of life

is to plant trees under whose shade

you do not expect to sit.  


                                                            ~ Nelson Henderson 



A Tree Grows in Walker Road Park



SFSF Board members commemorated the fourth anniversary of Sophie's passing, October 6, 2011, by planting a Dawn Redwood tree in Walker Road Park in Avon Lake, the sight of the SFSF Annual Birthday Bash and Dash. Board members have continually recognized this anniversary date, so important to Marc and Emily Quayle, Sophie's parents and founders of Smiles For Sophie Forever; however this has been its first living memorial. The Avon Lake City Hall acknowledges all dedicated trees within the city with wall plaques on display at City Hall.


The planting of the tree, was arranged by Board member and fundraising chair Michelle Polinko, with the help of Board members, Andrea and Dan Bucci, working together with the City of Avon Lake Parks and Recreation Department. The tree was purchased at cost by SFSF Board Members, from Jeff Smith, of Smitty Landscaping, who planted the tree at Walker Road Park. The tree was decorated at Christmas, following the presenting of the tree to Marc and Emily at the December Board meeting. Emily often passed the tree while training for the St. Jude Marathon, and according to Emily, although she wasn't aware of the tree's nature, "running through Walker Road Park and past the recently-planted tree made her running a little easier and more meaningful."

In This Issue
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St Jude Research
SFSF Family Grants
Childhood Cancer Action Day
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Adding to SFSF's Coffers
$25,000 Genentech Grant
Brain Tumor Awareness Month
iPad2 Raffle Winner
PJammin' in Riverview, MI
2012 Annual Appeal
Our Sympathies

The Numbers Roll In: SFSF Is the Winner


Encana matches employee donationsEncana cares

Encana, an oil company, with headquarters in Texas, recently sent SFSF a $5410 check; the amount represents both the donations Encana employees have made to Smiles For Sophie Forever and Encana's matching donation. Sophie's godfather and Emily's brother Charly Miklaski and his wife Dawn are Encana employees. For the second consecutive year, Dawn has highlighted SFSF at Encana's Chili and Gumbo Cook-Off, held each October. The contest, along with its publicity, serves as an inspiration for employees to participate in charitable giving through the Encana Cares program.


SFSF Represented at Christmas Shopping Extravaganza

Shoppers attending The Shopping Extravaganza, held at The Folger Home, in Avon Lake, December 8, helped to add to SFSF's treasury. In addition to the several vendors in attendance, SFSF was also represented by Board member Elizabeth Gedeon who manned the SFSF booth, where attendees could purchase the 2011 commemorative Christmas ornament and other store items as well as raffle tickets for the Chinese auction and iPad2. The main attraction was the iPad2 raffle tickets, available for $10.00 each (see related story). Besides receiving 10% percent ($200) of the Gold Gals sale of discarded gold, SFSF raised another $227 from the event and sold more than half of the iPad2 raffle tickets. SFSF thanks Elizabeth Gedeon for manning the booth and Kristin Van Euwen and Amy Beman for organizing the Extravaganza.


ALECPTA's Princess/Superhero Party supports SFSF

ALECPTA (Avon Lake Early Childhood Parent Teacher Association) sponsored the Princess/Superhero Ball for the Avon Lake pre-school PTA children for the second consecutive year. As in the past, just about every Disney princess and every Marvel Comics superhero was present for an afternoon of fun and food. This year's event was held on February 26 at Avon Oaks, and SFSF Board President Emily Quayle, and VP of Fundraising, Michelle Polinko, were on hand selling 50/50 raffle tickets, which brought in another $181 for SFSF. Thanks again to the ALECPTA for sponsoring the event and supporting SFSF.


stella & dot adds to SFSF pot

Aimee Ross, a sales consultant for stella & dot and friend of Leslie Farmer's, held an on-line trunk show fundraiser for SFSF, during the fall of 2011, earmarking 100% of her commission from "Leslie Quayle Farmer" sales to SFSF. Not only did Aimee donate $178, but she donated $175 worth of stella & dot products to be used at SFSF fundraisers.


Offering a wide variety of products, including uniquely-packaged jewelry for both big and little girls, stylish handbags, cases for the latest technology items, and specialty items, stella & dot is a favorite among the fashion-conscious. Visit Aimee's website to see what the company offers and to purchase items from yet another SFSF supporter. SFSF is grateful to Aimee for sharing the "fruits of her labor" and to all those who purchased items from Aimee.


stella and dot

 stella & dot's little girl jewelry




Every charitable act is a stepping stone towards heaven.  


                                                                               ~ Henry Ward Beecher


SFSF receives $25,000 Grant from Genentechgenentech


The SFSF Grant committee, headed by Shawn Green, meets monthly to evaluate and approve grant requests from families who have a child diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer. To date, the Grant Committee has approved $208,028 (see related article). However, the Grant Committee not only awards grants to eligible families, but also researches and applies for grants for which SFSF is eligible. In December, 2011, Shawn was notified by the Genentech Foundation, based in California, that the SFSF grant request was approved, and that Genentech would be awarding SFSF $25,000 to be used for its mission of helping families of children diagnosed with brain cancer.


Genentech which awards grants four times throughout the calendar year, has three specific areas for awarding funds: Health Science Education, Patient Education and Advocacy, and Community Support. Smiles For Sophie Forever qualified to be a recipient in the "Patient Education and Advocacy" focus area.With an emphasis on national and select local programs that are directed at enhancing patients' understanding of their disease, providing support through the diagnosis and treatment of the disease, and improving their ability to obtain appropriate health care for serious illnesses, Genentech is currently directing a majority of its health science education funds towards one focus area: Programs that provide support and education to cancer patients throughout the United States


The Genentech Foundation is a U.S.-based, private charitable foundation. It was established in 2002 by Genentech, a leading biotechnology company that discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes biotherapeutics for significant unmet medical needs. The Foundation provides financial support to qualified nonprofit U.S.-based charitable organizations.


SFSF is grateful to the Genentech Foundation for its generous grant and to the SFSF Grant Committee (Andrea Bucci, Dan Bucci, Keith Dando, and Chris Walters), under the leadership of Shawn Green, for assisting SFSF in fulfilling its mission of providing financial assistance to families with a child diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer.


Applying for this grant, as well as others, requires an official, CPA-audit. Thanks to SFSF's anonymous CPA, a friend of Emily's brother Charly, for completing the 2010 audit pro bono, but for also graciously offering to complete SFSF's 2011 audit as well. SFSF, an all-volunteer Foundation, is so grateful for the work of all its generous workers.  


Know the Facts About Brain Cancer,

Observe Brain Tumor Awareness Month in May  may brain tumor awareness  


Yes, it's only March, but SFSF is providing some startling facts about brain cancer to gear up its readership for Brain Tumor Awareness Month in May. These statistics are reason enough to support SFSF's mission and fundraisers, promote Brain Tumor Awareness Month, be an advocate, and wear the grey ribbon, the symbol of brain cancer. The list, (certainly not all-inclusive) includes:

  • Brain tumors are the #1 cancer-related cause of death for children 19 and under.
  • Five-year survival rates are only 27.9 percent for males, and 30.1 percent for females.
  • Only 33 percent of patients diagnosed with brain cancer will survive 5 years.
  • Approximately 17,000 malignant tumors of the brain or spinal cord are diagnosed each year in the US with about 3,500 of those in children
  • 359,000+ people in the US were living with a diagnosis of brain tumor in the year 2000, including more than 26,000 children.
  • For every $1 spent on a patient with prostate cancer, less than 20 cents is spent on a child with any type of cancer.
  • A patient with breast cancer has triple the research resources allocated to her when compared to a child with any type of cancer.
  • The funding for pediatric cancer clinical trials has gone down every year since 2003.
  • As of 2008 the amount was at $26.4 million in comparison to AIDS research at $254 million.
  • Brain tumors can occur at any age, but are most common among children from 3 to 12 years of age, and adults from 40 to 70.
  • The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has been the primary source of governmental funding for brain tumor research. Only about 3% of the National Cancer Institute's research funding is allocated to all pediatric cancers with only about .5% of that 3% going to pediatric brain tumor research.

After reading just a few of the startling facts about brain tumors, act now by visiting the National Brain Tumor Society's website for ways to get involved.


Smiles For Sophie Forever continues to support brain cancer research, offer grants to families with children diagnosed with brain cancer, and to spread awareness of this devastating disease. Factual information secured from www.webwire.com/ViewPressRel.asp?aId=137231.



If you have knowledge, let others light their candles with it.


                                                                               ~ Winston Churchill


iPad2 Raffle Tickets Sell Like Hotcakes


Sharon Hehl ipad2 winner
Sharon Hehl, of Avon Lake, proudly showing off her early Christmas present.

There was only one lucky winner: Sharon Hehl of Avon Lake. Ticket #97 for the SFSF iPad2 raffle, drawn by Father Beatty of Holy Spirit Church in Avon Lake, December 19, earned Sharon an early Christmas present. Sharon, along with 99 others, all wanted a chance to win the iPad2, donated by Board Member Sarah Smith. Sarah won the iPad2 by accepting the St. Jude Marathon fundraising challenge of getting the most on-line donations within one week's time. In her campaign Sarah said she "would donate the iPad2 to Smiles For Sophie Forever if she won." And with 27 online donations within a week's time, Sarah won. Sarah was awarded her iPad2 at the St. Jude Pasta Dinner, December 3. SFSF had already made the raffle tickets and sold several before even leaving Memphis that weekend. More than half of the 100 were sold at the Shopping Extravaganza at Folger Home, December 8. By the end of the week, all were sold. In fact, it was literally, a first-come, first-served sale. With just 100, $10.00-tickets being sold, the chance of winning (and donating to a great cause) attracted eager SFSF supporters. Sarah's donation raised $1000 for SFSF. The media wasn't kidding when they reported that the iPad2 was the number one item on the majority of Christmas lists. SFSF thanks Sarah and all the ticket-buyers for their generous support.



PJammin' for Childhood Cancer 

in Riverview Community Schools



Motivated and inspired by the success of two, childhood cancer fundraisers held at Riverview Community High School: 1.) the EGAD-sponsored Go for the Gold campaign to benefit the SFSF St. Jude Marathon Team, held in September and 2.) the Kappa Gamma Pi's Casual Clothes for a Cause Day to benefit Smiles For Sophie Forever, held in November, EGAD moderator, Mrs. Alicia Pearce, sponsored the PJammin' for Cancer Campaign to benefit the American Childhood Cancer Organization. On February 3, the workday that World Cancer Day (February 4) was observed worldwide, students at not only the high school, but also Seitz Middle School and Forest Elementary paid $1.00 for the privilege of wearing pajamas to school, while supporting the organization and acknowledging the fact that children with cancer spend much of their lives in pajamas. As a result of the event, $1225 was raised.


Childhood cancer is the number one cause of death among children and SFSF is grateful for the efforts of Riverview Community Schools District on behalf of organizations whose focus is the care, treatment, and cure of childhood cancer. Riverview High is located in Michigan, birth home of Emily Quayle, SFSF Board President. EGAD (Everybody Gives A Darn), a local organization, is dedicated to works of charity, and is a club once sponsored by Susie Miklaski, Sophie's grandmother, SFSF Board Secretary, and retired Riverview High School teacher.
pjammin at rchs
Members of RCHS EGAD Club return to home base with the money collected from students wearing pajamas.
 EGAD members: Anna LaCasse, Melissa Johnson, Sara Beaty, Robin LaCasse, Katelyn Ososkie, and Kristina Schumacher.


As the purse is emptied, the heart is filled.


                                                                   ~Victor Hugo


"Forever Chasing Rainbows"

Highlights Annual Appeal

appeal 2012

With a theme of "Forever Chasing Rainbows" the fourth annual SFSF Appeal will hit the mailboxes of all 2300+ supporters in the SFSF database this month. Using Sophie's drawings, paintings, and coloring of rainbows, along with her love of colors, and the Sophie-sent rainbow as an inspiration, the 2012 Appeal reaches out with an enhanced meaning to the colors of the rainbow which Sophie knew so well.


Realizing that the colors have become more meaningful and symbolic of the work of The Foundation, the SFSF Marketing Committee chose to share those meanings with all its supporters. Watch your mailbox during March for the appeal and share in our inspirations.


SFSF extends a hardy thank you to The Shamrock Companies, Inc of Westlake, for not only designing the appeal again this year, but for its patient work with the SFSF Marketing Committee whose sketchy and amateur rainbow theme and idea was perfectly created and executed by Shamrock's team of professionals, under the direction of Jason Skutt.


In three years, with a steadily increasing amount, the appeal has added over $19,000 to the SFSF treasury, making meeting its mission of helping families, supporting pediatric brain cancer research, supporting St. Jude, and spreading awareness much easier for The Foundation.


~~~ Sincerest Sympathies ~~~


     to the family of Tiara Caleb, who passed away on December 19, 2011. Tiara, the February 2011 Smiles For the Season Spotlight, was buried in pink, wearing a tiara, with a wand in hand. With her Grandma in heaven, she is waving her wand, making magic with the angels and spreading happiness.


     to the family of Noelia Sofia Hurtado, who passed away February 5, 2012. Noelia, from Bittendorf, Iowa, is not only singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," in heaven, but she is among the stars spreading love, sunshine, and happiness. Noelia was the December 2011 Smiles For the Season Spotlight.


Spotlight Winter 2011 Tiara CalebNoelia Hurtado



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