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June 2012
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Can a gift shop have a philosophy?

Ours does! In support of our mission to save polar bears by saving their habitat, we go with less is more and seek sustainable goods produced in the U.S. and Canada. Each purchase helps support our conservation efforts.


VW Logo

Volkswagen Japan's Think Blue campaign has an entire section dedicated to polar bear conservation!

And to show that they really do walk the talk, the energy-efficient Polo demonstrates just how committed the company is to environmental awareness. 

University of Alberta
Patrick Mislan

Young, bright, and highly focused: That pretty well describes Patrick Mislan, an MSc candidate studying under

Dr. Andrew Derocher.


Patrick took his first trip to the Arctic this spring, traveling to Ulukhaktok in Canada's Northwest Territories on a satellite collaring project. His research involves measuring polar bear stress levels in response to sea ice changes.

Clash of the Polar Titans

 The breeding season on the sea ice

is wrapping up for polar bears . . . 

a time when powerful males vie for females. Our Clash of the Polar Titans video provides a glimpse of these bouts, filmed in Churchill during the fall,

when male bears engage in 

mock battles to sharpen their skills.

June Pinterest Photo
2012 Florian Schulz

 A new survey shows that the IMAX To the Arctic film is making a real impact and is inspiring action on climate change. Visit our Pinterest page to view--

and pin!--more images on polar bears, the Arctic, and how each of us can help.

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PBI Scientist Wins Indianapolis Prize 


Breaking (and exciting!) news: Our senior scientist, Dr. Steven C. Amstrup, has been selected from among a 

Amstrup Indy group of six outstanding finalists as the 2012 recipient of the Indianapolis Prize, the world's leading award for animal conservation.


In announcing the award today, the selection committee emphasized that hope that the iconic and endangered polar bear may survive is due in large part to Dr. Amstrup and his team, whose groundbreaking studies resulted in the listing of the polar bear as a threatened species because of global warming.


The committee also cited Amstrup's three decades of polar bear research and unwavering conviction that solutions can and must be found, fostering optimism that polar bears can be saved from extinction.     |more

Cycle for Change

Philip FenstererOne hundred miles . . . from Chicago's Brookfield Zoo to the Milwaukee County Zoo, all in one day! That's the challenge Leadership Camp grad Philip Fensterer of the Oregon Zoo has put into motion for July 21st.


It's all part of his push to galvanize action around the need to reduce CO2 while also raising funds to help plant trees in our  Polar Bear Forest. He'll be joined by members of the Chicago Cycling Club and other bike and climate change enthusiasts.


Philip lives by the rule of making every day a polar bear day, with habits including ten-mile bike commutes to work three to five times a week and regular use of public transportation.


To sign up for the ride, e-mail Philip, or show your support by pledging a donation to the Polar Bear Forest, keying in Cycle for Change in the company name field. 

Guest Post: Satellite Collars
and Curious Cubs

By Patrick Mislan

Collar Photo


Fitting polar bears with GPS collars can provide us with a wealth of information about the movement patterns of these animals. 


The sea ice is an ever-changing landscape--and among the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Understanding how bears move and adapt in this dynamic environment allows us to make better management and conservation decisions in an increasingly threatened arctic ecosystem    |more

Arctic Species of the Month:

Brown Lemming

The humble lemming plays a key role in the food chain of the tundra ecosystem. Snowy owls, arctic foxes, and least weasels all rely on the small rodent as a primary food source. 

Brown Lemming

In summer, lemmings blend perfectly with the tundra landscape, where they feed on vegetation including grasses, sedges, and berries; in winter, they hide from view in snow tunnels, digging down through the ice and feeding mostly on moss.


Fun fact: Females can produce up to three litters a year, giving birth to four to nine young at a time. That's a lot of lemmings! 

Cologne Schools Make
Meat-free Days a Habit
Students at a secondary school in Cologne, Germany, have added meat-free days to their school cafeteria, calling them Polar Bear Days. They made the decision as part of their commitment to lowering their carbon footprint, announcing it during a school presentation
Climate Change No Thanks
Climate Change? No Thanks!
in which PBI President/CEO Robert Buchanan encouraged their efforts and Dr. Lydia Kolter of the Cologne Zoo answered questions.
Prior to the event, the school established an energy-saving program that includes lower thermostats, turning off lights, and recycling. The meat-free days are an extra step that recognizes that modern, meat-heavy diets have a high carbon cost.  

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Conservation through research, education,

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Brown Lemming, Daniel J. Cox NaturalExposures.com;

Philip Fensterer courtesy of Philip Fensterer;

Dr. Stephen Amstrup, Matt Mays;

Patrick Mislan and Collaring courtesy of Patrick Mislan;

Pinterest Photo, Florian Schulz  

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