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May 2012
An Extraordinary Journey
Teens Make Every Day Polar Bear Day
Guest Post: Feasting Season
Arctic Species of the Month
That's the Spirit!



Andy's Book

 . . . a must-have new book by

one of our scientific advisors and favorite bloggers, Dr. Andrew Derocher--

on the subject of polar bears, of course!



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We ♥ all the classrooms and schools choosing to end the year with a symbolic polar bear adoption--

 what a heartening vote of support for polar bear conservation! 


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Frontiers North Adventures, the original Tundra Buggy® people, are longtime Platinum Sponsors of PBI. They generously support our efforts every step of the way, from

Leadership Camp to Tundra Connections® and the Polar Bear Cam. And for that we say thank you, from the very bottom of our paws.

Project Polar Bear Volunteer
Kathy Donahue

When it comes to our

Project Polar Bear Contest,

what would we do without Kathy?

 An environmental educator, this devoted volunteer attends to countless details related to the contest, always with a cheerful spirit and upbeat attitude. You're amazing, Kathy, and we appreciate you!




PBI has created several

photos boards on Pinterest . . .

and we'll continue to add more and share. Follow us for a visual feast

on polar bears and the Arctic.

Mothers & Cubs TC

 If you missed our Tundra Connections broadcast on polar bear mothers

and cubs, we've archived it here.

Find out why polar bear dens remind researchers of Uncle Milton's ant farm, what it's like to work in subzero weather, and all sorts of insightful facts. 

May 2012 Flickr Photo

Spring has arrived in Denmark,

and little Siku is growing up!

 Ulli J shared this photo of the spunky cub on our  Flickr page. "It was

a cold and rainy day in Kolind,"

she said, "but watching the playful

Siku let us forget the rain."


You can watch Siku play every day

on our Siku Cam, a partnership

with explore.org and

Scandinavian Wildlife Park.

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An Extraordinary Journey


To the Arctic

If you haven't already seen the spectacular new IMAX® film, To the Arctic, showing exclusively in select IMAX theaters, watch the trailer here to see why it's causing such a stir.


PBI partnered with MacGillivray Freeman Films to produce the To The Arctic Curriculum Guide that accompanies the film, with lesson plans on the Arctic, polar bears, a warming world, and how each of us can help. Our chief scientist, Dr. Steven C. Amstrup, served as a film advisor.    |more

Teens Make Every Day Polar Bear Day

PPB2011 Project Polar Bear Contest teams wowed us yet again with their commitment to reducing CO2 in their communities. Together they achieved reductions of more than 31 million pounds, making it fun and trendy to go green.


This year's top honors go to the Conservation Crew from Portland, Oregon, with the Trash Can Patrol from Pennsylvania and Team Impact from Indiana tying for second place. Prepare for a rush of endorphins as you take a quick look at highlights of this year's accomplishments.    |more

Guest Post: Feasting Season

By Dr. Andrew Derocher

Derocher 2


For polar bear mothers and cubs, den departure day in the High Arctic arrives in April or May--just in time for ringed seals to have their pups and the annual polar bear feast to begin. Ringed seals give birth to their pups in snow shelters above the sea ice but below a thick layer of snow.    |more

Arctic Species of the Month:

Brünnich's Guillemot

One of the most plentiful arctic seabirds, guillemots stake out nesting sites on sheer cliffs in April or May--crowding into nurseries that can number into the hundreds of thousands.


Snow usually covers the narrow cliff ledges when they first arrive, delaying egg laying until late May or early June. Incredibly, just 21 days after the chicks hatch, and before they are fully fledged, they plummet down from their nest to the sea below.


Fun fact: The guillemot's call sounds like a deep ha, ha, ha or growling aaa-aahr. Multiply that by more than a hundred thousand birds and you'll have an idea of how raucous the rookeries are.

That's the Spirit!


Innovative thinking and a can-do attitude power the teens in our Project Polar Bear Contest every year. But they aren't the only ones transforming the world. Increasingly, businesses and communities are embracing ingenuity and jump-starting change--actions that we honor with our

Energy Xchange Paw of Approval awards.


EnergyXchange of North Carolina is one such recipient. The nonprofit company channels methane gas from a closed landfill, using it to power an artist's colony and horticulture center. Not only does the project prevent greenhouses gases from entering the atmosphere, it's expected to rack up savings of more than $1 million in energy costs over the landfill's lifespan. No wonder it's become an international model!


Want to learn more? Here's a short video on the project.


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Conservation through research, education,

and stewardship 



Brünnich's GuillemotDaniel J. Cox NaturalExposures.com;

Dr. Andrew Derocher courtesy of Andrew Derocher;

Kathy Donahue courtesy of Kathy Donahue;

Flickr Photo of the Month, Ulli J  

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