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from  Bob Hunter, FAICP, Executive Director 

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 Guiding Community Plans

Robert B Hunter, FAICPThe Planning Commission hosted the first discussion with a diverse and lively group of stakeholders to develop a Guide to Community Plans on June 23rd.  Being developed in response to the recent Audit, this document will guide the preparation of new community plans and the updates to existing plans.


The Guide will describe a planning approach to be used for community plans in Hillsborough County, so that over time all plans will be consistent in format, content and process.  It will be used by planning agencies that create and implement community plans as well as the various stakeholders in the community.

Who's involved in Community Planning? You!

We want you to get involved by giving us your input.  Please take a few minutes to weigh in on the community planning process by clicking on this link:


A Guide to Community Plans Feedback & Input 


The next stakeholder meeting is scheduled for August 24th at 5:45 p.m. in Conference Room B on the 26th Floor of the County Center, 601 East Kennedy Boulevard in Downtown Tampa.  For more information, please contact Lisa Silva, AICP, RLA, at silval@plancom.org or 813.273.3774 x329.



 University Area Community Plan Update

The University Area Community Plan was developed to focus and enhance redevelopment in the area.  Adopted in 2001 as part of The Future of Hillsborough Comprehensive Plan, it is an official guiding document for the University Community Area.  An update to that Plan is beginning now.  The University Area Community Plan's existing Goals and Strategies are the basis for the update.  Do they continue to meet the community's needs?  Does the plan further contribute to the community's progress?


Get Involved!


A community plan is only successful if its' policies reflect the vision and goals of those who live, work, and play in the community.  Throughout the community plan update process, the Planning Commission will provide opportunities for feedback and open exchange of ideas from University Area citizens and other community stakeholders.  To begin the update process, primary stakeholders will be engaged this summer through individual and group interviews to ensure priorities and concerns regarding the adopted Community Plan are surfaced. 


If you live, work or operate a business in the University Area Community, you are encouraged to take our survey online by clicking the link below:


Take the University Area Community Plan Update Survey Now!


Your input will help fine tune the plan and affect how the University Area Community will redevelop over the next decade.  For more information, please contact Pedro Parra at parrap@plancom.org or by calling 813.273.3774 x356.


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