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from  Bob Hunter, FAICP, Executive Director 

 eNews Issue 2011.17   


 Embracing Plant City's Past & Future

Robert B Hunter, FAICP

Embracing the Future, While Preserving Our Past...  This theme captures Plant City's desire to preserve their rich heritage as they plan for expected growth.  City leaders recognize that for Plant City to continue to grow and prosper, it must look within and encourage development that compliments and strengthens its Historic Downtown and unique assets.  A series of planning efforts has become part of the updated Comprehensive Plan for the City of Plant City.  One planned area, known as Midtown, is an 85 acre district just south of Downtown that will encourage a pedestrian friendly, mixed use environment.  This design will support Downtown redevelopment and provide a type of urban environment like no other place in Plant City and eastern Hillsborough County.

Midtown Redevelopment Vision Plan 

Today, Midtown is mostly a collection of underutilized property and assets.  The streets are poorly laid out.  The buildings are deteriorated and worn.  The properties consist of heavy commercial and industrial uses.  Much of it vacant or obsolete, Midtown is a stark contrast to Plant City's Historic Downtown.  The transportation patterns and need for space have caused many who at one time operated a business here to relocate to industrial parks closer to Interstate-4 or out of the area entirely.


In response to this, Plant City has completed and has begun to implement its Midtown Redevelopment Vision Plan.  Boosting this effort, on June 6th the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced it was awarding $600,000 to clean up contamination at three properties Plant City purchased for redevelopment Midtown mural photo by George H Newmanin Midtown.  The EPA grant money will be used to contain hazardous substances and petroleum-based contaminants.


The Midtown Redevelopment Vision Plan aims to create a vibrant community through walkable design, promoting a mixture of uses, and incorporating cMidtown multi use as desiredivic and green space to instill a sense of place, while doing so in a sustainable manner.  This plan calls for additional multi-family homes that will support increased development in retail, commercial and office space.  With an increase in residential density and commercial intensity, Midtown redevelopment servesPlant City Historic District as an invitation for a future ripe with residents, businesses, entertainment venues and ample parks in a sustainable, mixed use environment that compliments Historic Downtown and enhances the quality of life for the people who call Plant City home.


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Embracing Plant City's Past & Future
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