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 eNews Issue 2011.16   


Revitalizing a City for Living

Robert B Hunter, FAICPPreviously a suburban city, Temple Terrace is becoming a vital, urbanizing city of connected mixed-use centers with distinct neighborhoods.  At the center of the redevelopment plan is Downtown Temple Terrace.  Originally planned for in the 1920's, the City's intended downtown was never realized due to the Great Depression.  The current downtown redevelopment will establish and enhance the uniqueness embodied by Temple Terrace's motto "A City for Living."  The new downtown will provide residents the ability to live, work, shop and play in one area, helping reduce dependence on automobiles for daily activities.
Temple Terrace Downtown rendering

Working with the Planning Commission, the City of Temple Terrace has made downtown a focal point of its Comprehensive Plan.  In addition to policy that supports downtown development, land use and zoning changes in and around the new downtown have made the plan a reality with construction now well underway.Temple Terrace downtown rendering


Downtown development is shaping the City's form by providing a recognizable, anchored center to all city life.  Medium density commercial and residential development, infrastructure enhancements, sensitivity to design standards, walkability, and places for socializing are all part of the new downtown.  Once complete, the redeveloped area will serve as the social, business, and government center the city has been missing.


Complementing this downtown redevelopment is the Temple Terrace Multimodal Transportation District, which received an Temple Terrace vignettesAward of Outstanding Contribution to the Community at the Planning Commission's 29th Annual Community Design Awards in April.  Established in 2009 as the first city-wide multi-modal district in the state of Florida, this innovative project resulted from several planning efforts to create a pedestrian friendly environment, served with a network of sidewalks, bike paths, and transit, complimented by on-site pedestrian oriented development.  And, urban design guidelines were created to meet comprehensive plan goals to achieve the Temple Terrace community vision. 


For more information on Temple Terraces' downtown, view the Redevelopment Brochure or visit:




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Revitalizing a City for Living
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