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eNews Issue 2011.2

Quality of Life Survey Results Are In!

Diverse children walking to school.The 2010 Survey results are in!  Since 2002, the Planning Commission has conducted an annual Quality of Life Survey.  Ten thousand Hillsborough County citizens were randomly selected and asked how different quality of life factors have changed over the past year.

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Consistent with results from all previous surveys, the highest scoring factor was Entertainment.  The Entertainment factor includes sports, concerts, and other forms of popular entertainment. 


Given the continued economic downturn, it's no surprise to see the lowest scoring factors were Economic Opportunities and Healthcare.  The 2009 Quality of Life Survey showed similar results; although, the Economic Opportunities factor did increase slightly this year.  As part of the Evaluation & Appraisal Report (EAR) review of the Comprehensive Plans, this year's results were compared with results from the 2005 Survey.  Most factors received statistically lower scores when compared to 2005, with the Economic Opportunities factor having the biggest decrease, reflecting the booming economy in 2005.


Though the overall quality of life score has decreased compared to 2005, four factors did receive statistically higher scores -

  1. Affordable Housing
  2. Growth Management
  3. Racial, Ethnic, and Religious Tolerance
  4. Transportation System

The favorable change in Affordable Housing can be attributed to the dramatic decrease in home prices since 2005.  But the explanation for the increase in the other three factors is not quite as clear, particularly since the Transportation System factor was given a high 'needs attention' score - meaning more attention should be given this factor in the next year (2011). 


When asked if there are sufficient opportunities for citizen participation in long range planning efforts, 57% of respondents disagreed.  As a follow-up, when asked in what forums they would like to participate, 75% indicated written surveys;  37% wanted to attend public meetings; and 36% said they'd like to participate in internet/web meetings.


A whopping 96% of respondents indicated it is beneficial for thisBike rider in bike lane community to have a long-term vision for what the community should be for generations to come.  An overwhelming majority of respondents believe sidewalks and bike lanes currently do not provide safe mobility options and our water quality is not adequately protected.  Seventy-three percent of respondents said local government should take an active role in addressing homelessness. 


The quality of life factors measured in the Survey were established initially by a focus group from across Hillsborough County.  For comparison sake, these same factors continue to be used.  The full summary report is available on the Planning Commission website


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3/9     2:00 pm    EAR Scoping 


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What you told us...


"Thank you for the opportunity to say thank you and to encourage lower taxation, cost cutting, and planning to provide better basic services."


"We need more bicycle lanes throughout the County." 


"I've been living in Hillsborough County since 1978. This was the first contact for my opinion."


"No jobs!!!"

Plant City News

In Plant City, an application has been received for a privately initiated land use map amendment for a 1.36 acre parcel located east of Wilder Road and south of Majestic Oaks Court.  The site is currently used as an assisted living facility.  The applicant has requested to change this recently annexed parcel's future land use designation to expand this operation if this amendment and  subsequent rezoning is approved by the Plant City City Commission.


Tampa Briefs

There are presently two small scale Plan Amendments scheduled for the City of Tampa.  Both are located in the south Tampa Area along South Dale Mabry, close to Plant High School.  The request for both is to change the land use from Residential-6 to Residential-20.  The new Seminole Heights Form-Based Code section of the City's land development code, based on the Seminole Heights Community Plan, has just been found consistent by the Planning Commission and will be considered for adoption by Tampa City Council.  The 40th Street Form Based-Code, based on the 40th Street Area Community Plan, will come before the Planning Commission for review this summer.


In accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other nondiscrimination laws, public participation is solicited without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, disability or family status.