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The impact of grazing exclusion on riparian birds

Researchers compare full and partial exclusion of cattle from riparian areas to benefit birds... read more 
When habitat destruction is extremely subtle

Moving rocks slightly out of place can ruin habitat for at-risk reptiles... read more 
"Weed calculator" estimates landowner costs from invasive species

A useful tool for supporting conservation outreach with landowners... read more 
Fossil data links ocean acidification with mass decline of coral reefs

Researchers go to the paleonotological record to explore the ramifications of ocean acidification... read more 
Extreme conservation: constructing new habitat in ecological wastelands

Restoration "mission impossible" can create a conservation opportunity...
read more 
Fish tanks as vectors for accidental introduction of exotic species

Freshwater fish tanks are secretly harboring potential invasive species... read more 
Can direct payments avert deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon?

Do the preconditions exist for REDD to be a "win=win" conservation idea?  read more 
Prioritizing land conservation based on willingness to sell

Can we save time on land conservation efforts by predicting which landowners will be willing to sell...
read more 
Can islands recover from centuries of introduced rat invasion?

Introduced rats are bad for islands but recovery may be quicker than previously thought... read more 
The impact of wetland isolation and adjacent land use on birds

Landscape factors influence the habitat quality of wetlands for certain bird species...  read more 
Using a habitat affinity approach to assess restoration success

A method measures how well species composition at restoration sites reflect the target habitat community...  read more 
Measuring the naturalness of landscapes: a look at the U.S.

A new method for assessing land use changes in terms of the naturalness of landscapes... read more 
Study questions widely-held belief explaining invasive plant success

Researchers raise doubts about the novel weapons hypothesis... read more 
Improving the communication of science in conservation

Better communication of science could help conservation practice and improve public support...
read more 
Cold weather limits potential range of Burmese python invasion

A recent cold-spell in Florida creates a natural experiment on the potential range of the Burmese python... read more 
Breaking the vulture monopoly on scavenger restaurants

Vulture restaurants are favoring some species over others... read more 
Agri-environment schemes benefit birds at the landscape level

A new study affirms the benefits of programs that integrate conservation practices into agriculture... read more 
Study links spearfishing with reef fish crisis

Researchers look at unconventional data sources to study the impacts of spearfishing on reef fish... read more 
Experts give tricks of the trade on tallgrass prairie restoration

38 experienced tallgrass prairie managers share their knowledge...  read more 
GRANTS: the latest postings from our Funding Board

Tinker Field Research Grants - Latin or Ibero-American Studies
posted: 5/25/2010

Wildlife Without Borders - Amphibians in Decline
posted: 5/25/2010

The Panthera Research and Conservation Grants Program
posted: 5/24/2010

Small Cat Action Fund
posted: 5/24/2010

Boating Infrastructure Grant Program
posted: 5/24/2010

The Club 300 Foundation for Bird Protection Grants
posted: 5/20/2010

Region 6 Wetland Program Development Grants
posted: 5/20/2010

Region 3 Wetland Program Development Grants
posted: 5/20/2010

The Lemelson-MIT Award for Sustainability
posted: 5/19/2010

Wildlife Without Borders - Critically Endangered Animals Conservation Fund
posted: 5/19/2010

Webless Migratory Game Bird Program
posted: 5/19/2010

The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindburgh Foundation Grants
posted: 5/17/2010

Public Engagement Grants
posted: 5/17/2010

Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation - Canada Grants
posted: 5/14/2010

Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation
posted: 5/14/2010

Arctic Goose Joint Venture
posted: 5/14/2010

British Ecological Society - Field Experience Grants
posted: 5/13/2010

Leave No Trace Connect Grants
posted: 5/13/2010

Small Ecological Project Grants
posted: 5/12/2010

People's Trust for Endangered Species - Worldwide Grants
posted: 5/12/2010

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