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Controlling feral cats in ecologically sensitive areas: Is "trap, neuter, return" effective?

Researchers tread into the conflict between animal rights activists and conservationists... read more 
New conservation books: May, 2010

Every month we profile the latest books that have been published in conservation and related fields... read more 
Passing cars throwing off breeding bird counts, study finds

Traffic noise may be making it difficult for volunteers to accurately count breeding birds... read more 
Can modified solar panels disarm an ecological trap?

Polarized light pollution from solar panels creates ecological traps for insects. Researchers test a solution... read more 
Assessing the vulnerability of coasts to sea-level rise

Sea-level is rising. The big question for resource managers and planners: where are the most vulnerable areas... read more 
When trout have nowhere to go: addressing the entrainment problem

John Zelazny from the Trout Conservancy talks to us about fish entrainment and what we can do about it... read more 
Does statewide land conservation correlate with ecological values?

A study looks at the cumulative effect of individual land conservation projects across a state...
read more 
Does land use zoning protect ecosystem health?

In some cases zoning may promote ecosystem health, but in other cases it may have much less of an effect...   read more 
U.S. farmland being eaten away by development, govt report shows

A new U.S. government report shows some disturbing trends over the last 3 decades when it comes to farmland... read more 
A decision framework for using fire as a restoration tool

A challenge in using fire for restoration relates to predicting how plants will respond and planning accordingly...
read more 
Study finds stream restoration has little impact on benthic invertebrate community

A new study looks at 26 restored river sites across Europe to assess impacts on biotic communities... read more 
Small-scale eco-friendly farms are key to saving tropical biodiversity

Small-farms may solve the conflict between feeding the hungry and protecting biodiversity... read more 
How to choose a flagship species for conservation

The panda is already taken, but your organization still has a world of species to choose from... read more 
How much are the ecosystems of New Jersey worth to society?

Economists put a price tag on the ecosystem services of New Jersey and the number is big... read more 
Making research in biodiversity hotspots free

"Most species live in the tropics, but most field biologists study temperate ecosystems."  read more 
GRANTS: the latest postings from our Funding Board

Innovation in Ecological Education Grant
posted: 5/11/2010

Patagonia Environmental Grants
posted: 5/11/2010

New Zoo Conservation Grant Fund
posted: 5/11/2010

The British Ecological Society Overseas Bursaries Grants
posted: 5/10/2010

NEA's Green Across America
posted: 5/10/2010

White Nose Syndrome's Research Grants
posted: 5/10/2010

Community Salmon Fund - Lower Columbia River
posted: 5/07/2010

MacArthur Foundation - Albertine Rift Grants
posted: 5/07/2010

Region 8 Wetland Program Development Grants
posted: 5/07/2010

Region 4 Wetland Program Development Grants
posted: 5/07/2010

California Coastal Salmon and Steelhead Migration Improvement
posted: 5/06/2010

Tribal Wildlife Grants
posted: 5/06/2010

Japan International Award for Young Agricultural Researchers
posted: 5/03/2010

Modernizing and Improving State Coastal Zone Management Information Systems
posted: 5/03/2010

Volunteer Generation Fund
posted: 5/03/2010

Hydrologic Science Grants
posted: 4/30/2010

Wetlands Reserve Enhancement Program
posted: 4/30/2010

World Heritage International Assistance
posted: 4/29/2010

Walmart State Giving Programs
posted: 4/29/2010

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