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Prioritizing habitat preservation in a rapidly suburbanizing area

Researchers present a tool to help land trusts prioritize wildlife habitat conservation efforts... read more 
Study links cancer mortality rates with ecological integrity of streams

Looking at streams, researchers find a link between coal mining and cancer mortality rates... read more 
Farm conservation programs can save grassland birds from extinction

Simple conservation programs for farmers can have a big impact on birds... read more 
Breaking out of the zoo: study finds high risks of species escapes

Study finds that zoos in Europe are not secure against escape of invasive species...  read more 
Bees and butterflies in Harlem: increasing pollinator diversity in urban areas

Yes, bees and butterflies do live in the isolated green spaces of Harlem and the more 
Rapidly mobilizing ecological research after natural disasters

Unexpected natural disasters can create groundbreaking research opportunities...but only if we can respond in time... read more 
Using DNA barcoding to conserve tropical freshwater fish

DNA barcoding has uncovered surprising findings from the Amazon... read more 
Teaching an endangered predator to avoid toxic prey

What do you do when a critically endangered predator has developed a taste for highly toxic prey? read more 
Rising ocean temperatures promote dominance of invasive species

An experiment from Northern California gives a disturbing warning of the future to come...
read more 
Clean rivers could make coral reefs healthier

A study links poor water quality with reduced coral diversity in the Great Barrier Reef...   read more 
Sea ice decline linked with reduced polar bear size and reproduction

More evidence that climate change is bad for polar bears... read more 
Does open access publishing increase future citations of a study?

A new study questions commonly held assumptions about the benefits of open access research... read more 
Marine protected areas benefit some fish... but not others

Researchers explore what types of fish benefit from protected areas and what types do not...
read more 
Single trees in agricultural systems give big boost to birds and bats

Single trees in agricultural systems can have a disproportionately big impact on the diversity of birds and bats... read more 
Can celebrity conservationists help us save the planet?

Eco-celebrity is on the rise. But is it good for conservation? read more 
Invasive trout more productive than the natives they replace

Invasive bull trout are doing more than just displacing native fish in the western United States... read more 
An approach for reducing human-wildlife conflicts

Wildlife conflicts don't get any worse than the case of the Bengal tiger in the Subardans... read more 
GRANTS: the latest postings from our Funding Board

Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund - Southern Africa
posted: 4/27/2010

International Climate Initiative
posted: 4/27/2010

Earth Sciences: Instrumentation and Facilities - U.S.
posted: 4/27/2010

Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Grant - U.S.
posted: 4/26/2010

Save the Redwoods League - Education Grants Program
posted: 4/26/2010

Habitat Assessment and Accounting Infrastructure - Great Lakes
posted: 4/22/2010

Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative
posted: 4/22/2010

International Tree Foundation Grants - Africa
posted: 4/22/2010

International Conservation Grants - Africa
posted: 4/22/2010

The Restoration Grant Program - Chesapeake Bay
posted: 4/21/2010

Small-Scale Initiatives Programme - Africa
posted: 4/20/2010

Region 1 - Wetland Program Development Grants - U.S.
posted: 4/20/2010

Region 5 - Wetland Program Development Grants - U.S.
posted: 4/20/2010

Endangered Species Conservation - Recovery Implementation Fund - U.S.
posted: 4/19/2010

Wildlife Without Borders - Mexico Program
posted: 4/19/2010

Wildlife Without Borders - Latin America and the Caribbean
posted: 4/19/2010

Wildlife Without Borders - Species Program
posted: 4/16/2010

Acres for America
posted: 4/16/2010

Southern Company Power of Flight Bird Conservation Fund - U.S. south
posted: 4/16/2010

Southern Company Longleaf Legacy Program - U.S. south
posted: 4/16/2010

Sea Grant Aquaculture Research - U.S.
posted: 4/15/2010

Sea Grant Aquatic Invasive Species - U.S.
posted: 4/15/2010

Endangered Species Candidate Conservation Action Funds - U.S.
posted: 4/15/2010

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