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Indigenous have smaller ecological footprint on Amazon than colonists

Study compares indigenous vs. colonist land use in the Amazon... read more 
Predicting the performance of plant restoration

A model predicts restoration performance based on distance between a plant source location and the project site... read more 
New conservation books: March, 2010

Every month we profile the latest books in conservation and related fields... read more 
Grassland conservation hits ranchers in the wallet

Research looks at the long term profitability of different grazing regimes... read more 
Reducing the negative ecological impacts from biofuel production

Two new research articles give recommendations on making biofuels more conservation-friendly...  read more 
New tool aims to help coral reefs survive climate change

A new method assesses resilience of coral reefs to climate change and prioritizes local action to help reefs survive... read more 
When an invasive species is good for conservation

What do you do when a really bad invasive species is good for the conservation of threatened birds? read more 
Temperatures rising in major U.S. streams and rivers

A look at temperature trends in 40 major U.S. streams and rivers... read more 
Quality vs. quantity in protecting habitat for birds

When it comes to habitat conservation, should we focus on the quality or the quantity of land? read more 
Oil exploration causing long-term damage to arctic tundra

A new study throws common assumptions about oil exploration in the Arctic into doubt... read more 
Conservationists underselling the societal benefits of restoration

Research on restoration practice is ignoring the connection with socioeconomic benefits to society... read more 
The impact of grazing intensity on birds in pastures

Increased grazing intensity is bad for some birds...and good for others... read more 
Coalition calls for people to 'speak up for National Forests.'

A series of regional meetings will help set the direction for future management of U.S. National Forests... read more 
"Can web crawlers revolutionize ecological monitoring?" researchers ask

Scientists present a visionary approach to ecological monitoring... read more 
When do you call a species "rare"?

A new method can help determine whether a species is 'rare' or 'common'... read more 
Human disturbance spurring the development of invasive qualities in species

The odorous house ant undergoes a radical transformation in disturbed environments... read more 
Constructing wetlands to sanitize rivers and produce green energy

New research from the Netherlands demonstrates the multifunctional potential of constructed more 
GRANTS: the latest postings from our Funding Board

US Fish and Wildlife Service - Challenge Cost Share
posted: 3/31/2010

Environmental Training for Youths
posted: 3/30/2010

Puget Sound Marine Conservation Fund
posted: 3/30/2010

Special Recovery Grants to Tribes
posted: 3/29/2010

Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund
posted: 3/29/2010

Fish America Foundation: Community-Based Habitat Restoration Projects
posted: 3/25/2010

Region 10 Wetland Program Development Grants
posted: 3/25/2010

Blue Water Project - Community Action Grants
posted: 3/25/2010

BBVA Foundation Frontiers in Knowledge Award
posted: 3/22/2010

Community Salmon Fund
posted: 3/22/2010

National Fish Habitat Action Plan
posted: 3/18/2010

IUCN Netherlands Purchase of Nature Fund
posted: 3/18/2010

Turtle Conservation Fund
posted: 3/18/2010

Otto Kinne Foundation Fellowships
posted: 3/17/2010

Ecology Institute Prize - Marine Ecology
posted: 3/17/2010

Shell Marine Habitat Program
posted: 3/16/2010

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