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Automating bird surveys with remote sensors

The future of ecological monitoring has arrived. Are we ready? read more 
When land managers create ecological traps

Sometimes seemingly harmless changes to habitat can drive a population towards extinction... read more 
Profiting from invasive plants: the challenge of controlling the horticultural industry

Horticulture is big business, but it also presents a major conservation challenge... read more 
Can marine reserves boost fish populations outside their borders?

Higher fish reproduction inside marine reserves is likely to benefit fisheries outside. But will anyone notice? read more 
Quantifying the impact of land cover change on regional climate

A new method can help us more easily determine how land cover change will affect regional climate... read more 
Plant a tree to save a fish: riparian woodlands as stream temperature regulators

As the world heats up, riparian plantings could help fish chill out... read more 
Protecting Europe's last old-growth forests 

The first step in protecting the last virgin forests of Europe is figuring out where they are... read more 
An innovative approach for monitoring tidal wetland restoration success

What do you get when you combine a kayak, a motor, a laptop, a GPS, and an acoustic profiler? read more 
Quantifying open space loss from urban sprawl

Urban sprawl in the US has been eating away from open space over the past decade but there are signs of hope... read more 
The challenge of managing disease in wildlife: elk in Yellowstone

The disease brucellosis is surging in free-ranging elk populations in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem... read more 
Evaluating protected areas in China and North Korea

If you ever wondered how protected areas are faring in North Korea... not so well... read more 
Interview with a native plant pioneer: revegetating levees

We interview Jeff Hart about revegetating levees with native plants in the California Delta... read more 
Delimiting boundaries of a species invasion (with no prior info)

Scientists present a theoretical approach to a challenging task... read more 
The impact of snorkeling on fish and macroalgae communities

Some rare good news about human impacts on the marine more 
Using GPS to remotely observe wildlife behavior

GPS is great for figuring out where wildlife is located. But can it figure out what wildlife is doing? read more 
GRANTS: the latest postings from our Funding Board
The Nature of Learning Grant Program
posted: 3/15/2010

Dimensions of Biodiversity Research Program
posted: 3/15/2010

Chesapeake Bay Watershed Assistance Grants
posted: 3/12/2010

Wildlife Without Borders - Species Programs
posted: 3/12/2010

Climate Change Adaptive Science Capacity - Great Plains Landscape Conservation Coop
posted: 3/12/2010

Caspian Environment Programme Matched Small Grants
posted: 3/11/2010

Long Term Research in Environmental Biology Program
posted: 3/11/2010

Ocean Acidification Research Program
posted: 3/11/2010

Acres for America
posted: 3/10/2010

Wildlife Action Opportunities Fund
posted: 3/10/2010

The Ramsar Convention's Small Grants Fund
posted: 3/10/2010

Aveda Earth Fund
posted: 3/09/2010

Upper Mississippi River Watershed Fund
posted: 3/09/2010

International Foundation for Science Research Grants
posted: 3/09/2010

The Ocean Fund
posted: 3/07/2010

TogetherGreen Conservation Leadership Program Fellows
posted: 3/07/2010

Zoo Boise Conservation Fund
posted: 3/07/2010

Wetlands for the Future Fund - Latin America / Caribbean
posted: 3/05/2010

Sophie Danforth Conservation Biology Fund
posted: 3/05/2010

Community Salmon Fund - Upper Columbia River Region
posted: 3/04/2010

Riverbanks Conservation Support Fund
posted: 3/04/2010

Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund - Southern Africa
posted: 3/04/2010

Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund - Polynesia-Micronesia
posted: 3/04/2010

full Funding Board: click here