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Dear Subscriber,                                                                                        --March 2, 2010

We are excited to announce that Conservation Maven was recently selected by as a 2010 Finalist for Research Blog of the Year.
Popular herbicide can be a secret killer of fish

Researchers uncover some problems with glyphosate, the most commonly used herbicide in the world...  read more
Does land conservation reduce the local housing supply?

Researchers project what a local housing market would have been like in the absence of land conservation... read more
Evaluating the potential ecological impact of invasive species

Researchers test a new method for evaluating the potential ecological impacts of the invasive plants at a site... read more
When wildlife avoids perfectly good habitat: the perceptual trap

What should we do when perfectly good habitat exists but certain species of wildlife decide to avoid it anyway? read more
Study links mercury contamination to changes in birdsongs

Some songbirds at mercury-contaminated sites are singing a different tune read more
Snakes interrupted: roads causing genetic decline

Another fascinating study on reduction in genetic flow in a species from habitat fragmentation...  read more
Creating vegetation barriers to block the spread of invasive species

Researchers test a creative method to block of the spread of highly invasive annual grasses... read more
Can biomanipulation of the sea rescue a collapsed fishery?

Intensified harvesting of sprat to aid the recovery of a collapsed cod fishery may not be such a good idea... read more
Study finds post-restoration wetland succession highly variable

A study of wetland mitigation projects across Illinois finds succession to be highly variable... read more
Seawalls may affect abundance of prey for shorebirds, salmon

Building seawalls and other shoreline structures may have some unintended consequences... read more

The impact of seismic oil exploration on rainforest wildlife

Loud noises generated by oil exploration activities are agitating some rainforest wildlife... read more

Not All Species Are Created Equal (in the eyes of scientific study)

Some threatened species are commonly studied while others are virtually ignored...  read more 
Citizen science: recreational divers monitoring marine biodiversity

A case study looks at recreational scuba divers as part of a large-scale marine biodiversity monitoring effort...  read more
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