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Dear Subscriber,                                                                                 --February 17, 2010

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Citizen science: using birder lists to detect species decline

Researchers use 40 years of species lists collected by birders to detect avian population changes  read more
Forests homogenizing as they become more species rich

Forests in Europe are homogenizing even though some measures of plant community health might suggest otherwise  read more
Bird wing shape changing as possible adaptation to forest loss

A new study finds evidence that bird wing shape has changed over the last 100 years...But why? read more
Land conservation programs not strategically targeting projects to control growth

A study finds that land conservation programs are not targeting their efforts to promote smart growth read more
Bird communities as bioindicators of stream degradation

Riparian bird communities can function as indicators of early stream and riparian degradation... read more
New conservation books: February 2010 review

We profile the latest conservation books that have been published in the past 2 months.... read more
Study links agricultural intensity with fish decline in streams

Intensive agriculture linked to fish community shift towards species tolerant of human disturbance... read more

Do biodiversity and carbon stocks overlap? The implications of REDD

How well do the planet's carbon stocks and biodiversity overlap and what does this mean for global conservation? read more
Urban airports: a key refuge for insect conservation

Conservation of insects in urban areas could depend on places like JFK Airport... read more
Conserving the jaguar: continent- wide assessment of habitat corridors

Study maps potential corridors between remaining areas of high jaguar density throughout Latin America... read more
Species vulnerability to climate change: sharks and sting rays

An innovative tool to predict vulnerability of multiple species across an ecosystem to climate change...  read more
Wildfire protection: private landowners get free ride, society loses

A law meant to protect against wildfires is having a perverse effect on private landowners read more

Follow the money: do conservation expenditures match priorities?

For all the concern about setting priorities in conservation, how is the money actually being spent?  read more
The impact of tidal flow restrictions on arid marshes

What happens to a wetland when you construct a dyke and cut off tidal flow for over two decades? read more
GRANTS: the latest postings from our Funding Board

Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative
posted: 2/17/2010

Patagonia Environmental Grants
posted: 2/17/2010

The Scott Neotropical Fund
posted: 2/17/2010

Fisheries Restoration Grant Program - California
posted: 2/16/2010

Youth in Conservation - Colorado
posted: 2/16/2010

Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act Grants
posted: 2/16/2010

African-Eurasian Waterbird Agreement Small Grants Fund
posted: 2/16/2010

Lernar Gray Grants for Marine Research
posted: 2/16/2010

MacArthur Foundation Caribbean Grants
posted: 2/10/2010

MacArthur Foundation Madagascar Grants
posted: 2/10/2010

The Christensen Fund Grant 
posted: 2/10/2010

Save the Tiger Fund
posted: 2/10/2010

Royal Bank of Canada Blue Water Project Grants
posted: 2/09/2010

The Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program
posted: 2/09/2010

Coastal Counties Restoration Initiative
posted: 2/09/2010

North American Wetland Conservation Act, Canadian Standard Grants
posted: 2/07/2010

full Funding Board: click here