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Dear Subscriber,                                                                                 --February 2, 2010

We have added author profiles to the site so that you can learn more about our contributors. If you are interested in contributing - we are looking for talented writers with insight into conservation - please contact us.
Can animal rights activists and conservationists ever get along?

Animal rights activists are challenging lethal control of invasive species. Should conservationists compromise? read more
The effect of predator control on aiding the recovery of at-risk birds

A meta-analysis of 83 studies evaluates lethal control measures in conserving threatened bird more
The value of 'ignorance' in restoration

Wetland scientist, Dr. Eugene Turner argues that restoration practitioners need to abandon a knowledge-based world view and start embracing ignorance read more
Adverse effects: when stream restoration improves habitat for invasive fish

Using modeling, researchers detects to native (and invasive) fish from stream restoration... read more
Minimizing impacts of approaching boats on nesting shorebirds

How close can a boat get before nesting shorebirds fly away? And will they ever come back?  read more
Climate change reducing stream habitat for fish

A warming climate is already impacting fish in mountain streams... read more

Study links carnivore decline in protected areas to persecution outside boundary

Study finds evidence of 'edge effect' from human persecution... read more
How do frogs respond to forest disturbance? Follow the gene flow...

Landscape genetics reveal the frogs respond differently to a history of timber harvesting vs. wildfires.... read more
Are military exercises compatible with ecosystem conservation?

A new study tests a method for identifying wildlife migration corridors and prioritizing them for conservation. ... read more
Study links exotic plant invasions with residential development

Low density housing may be helping to spread invasive weeds...  read more
Study finds nutrients homogenize the biodiversity of lakes

Research shows that addition of nutrients like nitrogen homogenizes benthic assemblages in lakes. ... read more
Fishing, climate change not double trouble for corals

Study finds fishing and climate change do not act synergistically on coral bleaching. This is good and bad news... read more

The paradoxes of the Endangered Species Act (and how to fix them)

Conservation biologist George Wilhere argues that HCPs under the ESA suffer from 3 inherent more
High mercury levels, simplified food chain in prairie reservoirs

Simplified food chain may be exacerbating mercury problem in prairie reservoirs... read more
GRANTS: the latest postings from our Funding Board
Southern Company Power of Flight Bird Conservation Fund
posted: 1/31/2010

Australia and Pacific Science Foundation Grants
posted: 2/1/2010

Equator Prize 2010
posted: 2/1/2010

International ReSource Award for Sustainable Watershed Management
posted: 2/01/2010

Southern Company Longleaf Legacy Program
posted: 1/31/2010

The Shell Marine Habitat Program
posted: 1/31/2010

Sea Turtle Conservation Fund
posted: 1/31/2010

Systematic Biology and Biodiversity Inventories
posted: 1/31/2010

2010 Western Pacific Demonstration Projects
posted: 1/28/2010

EcoStar Grants
posted: 1/28/2010

NOAA Great Lakes Habitat Restoration Program Project Grants
posted: 1/22/2010

Estuary Habitat Restoration Project Funding
posted: 1/22/2010

Marine Debris Prevention and Outreach Partnership Grants
posted: 1/22/2010

Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program
posted: 1/22/2010

The California B-WET Program: Adult and Community Watershed Education
posted: 1/22/2010

Proactive Species Conservation Program
posted: 1/22/2010

Marine Education and Training Mini Grant Program - Pacific Islands
posted: 1/22/2010

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