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Conceding extinction: a look at rare birds

When do you throw in the towel and concede that a rare species has gone extinct... read more
Finding patterns in wildlife attacks on domestic livestock

When it comes to attacking domestic livestock on specific farms, wildlife tend to be repeat offenders ...  read more
Protecting killer whales from whale watchers

Studying killer whale behavior patterns, scientists identify an ideal no-travel zone for protecting the more
'Why are wind farms so deadly for bats?' scientists ask

Wind farms kill bats in large numbers. Scientists hypothesize why... read more
Prioritizing land preservation: a GIS approach

Researchers test out a GIS-based method for identifying high-priority parcels for land preservation... read more
Guidelines for genetic rescue: interview with Philip Hedrick and Richard Fredrickson

We interview leading conservation geneticists on their proposed guidelines for genetic rescue... read more
What a deal! Marine protected areas undercharging users

MPA managers are charging less than what users would be willing to pay. Two new studies address this issue... read more
Weird science: top conservation studies of 2009

As 2009 has passed, we profile some of the interesting, unique, and downright bizarre studies of the past more
The risk of exotic reptile imports invading Florida

Study identifies risk factors that make some exotic reptile imports a big threat for inasion... read more
Predicting forest beetle outbreaks

Scientists develop a model for predicting where forest beetle outbreaks will occur... read more
Improving habitat for fish with artificial structures in rivers

Study finds placing dikes in rivers improves habitat for certain fish... read more
Quantifying the environmental benefits of wetland restoration

Scientists develop and test a prototype that quantifies the benefits of potential restoration scenarios... read more
Failures of a weed eradication program: lessons learned

A case study from the Galapagos explores why weed eradication is so darn tough... read more

Reef aquariums may cause invertebrate fishery collapse

The catch of reef invertebrates has skyrocketed as aquariums seek eco-service providers... read more
Protected areas lead to long term recovery of marine ecosystem

Good news: MPAs aid long-term recovery of overfished ecosystems. Bad news: The siting of MPAs is biased ... read more
Adding trout to mountain lakes disrupts food supply for birds

Study finds that stocking naturally fishless lakes with exotic trout can be bad for birds... read more
GRANTS: the latest postings from our Funding Board
Project AWARE Foundation Grants
posted: 1/05/2010

Norcross Wildlife Foundation Grants posted: 1/05/2010

Nature Hills Green America Awards
posted: 1/05/2010

Celebrate Urban Birds
posted: 1/05/2010

Protection of Grebe Nesting Colonies at Northern California Lakes                  posted: 1/05/2010

Florida Native Plant Conservation Grants
posted: 1/04/2010

One Fly Partnership Stream Improvement Program
posted: 12/30/2009

Coastal Management Fellowship
posted: 12/30/2009

Disney Friends for Change Grants
posted: 12/30/2009

Christensen Fund - Grants to Maintain Global Biological and Cultural Diversity posted: 12/23/2009

Planetary Biodiversity Inventory
posted: 12/23/2009

The Conservation, Food, and Health Foundation Grants - Round 1
posted: 12/23/2009

Wild Felid Legacy Scholarship
posted: 12/22/2009

Klamath Basin Restoration Program
posted: 12/22/2009

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