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Top conservation books (and a video): Our 2009 holiday list

Rob Goldstein creates a list of conservation books he would love to receive from Santa... read more
Can restoration be too small? Negative effects on bird behavior

When it comes to restoration and birds, bigger is sometimes better and too small can be bad... read more
Climate change, overfishing: together catastrophic for reefs

New research shows how climate change and overfishing work together to transform shallow reef communities. read more
Study finds gender of author has no effect on peer review process

An experiment tests whether changing the author gender affects the outcome of the peer review process... read more
The negative impact of salvage logging on bird communities

A new study finds that salvage logging after wildfires alters bird communities for the worse... read more
Can wildlife farming save rare animals from being hunted to extinction?

Wildlife farming has emerged as a potential conservation tool for species threatened by hunting...  read more
Bogs self-restore after reduction in power plant emissions

Reductions in power plant emissions can allow degraded bogs to naturally self-restore.... read more
The fate of freshwater mussels in a suburbanizing landscape

A study looks at why mussels in suburban streams are declining.. read more
Fouled ship hulls not a big risk to freshwater systems

A new study offers up some good news on the risks of vessel transport in the Great Lakes... read more
Steep, high, and remote: bias found in the location of protected areas

Researchers conducted a geospatial analysis of protected area networks in 147 countries... read more
Avoiding disease outbreaks when introducing endangered wildlife

A study uses guppies as a model species to test best practices for wildlife reintroduction ... read more

Ocean rigs as vectors for entire communities of invasive species

This is the story of an abandoned ocean rig washing up on the most remote inhabited island on earth more
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Environmental Public Policy & Conflict Resolution Ph.D. Feollowship                      posted: 12/12/2009

Ecosystem Science Grant
posted: 11/20/2009

Seaspace, Inc. Scholarship Program
posted: 12/12/2009

Rocky Mountain Nature Assn - Research Fellowships posted: 12/12/2009

Region 6 Fisheries Conservation Management posted: 12/12/2009

Assembling the Tree of Life                         posted: 12/12/2009

Western Pacific Program - Packard Foundation posted: 12/11/2009

Marine Birds Grant Program - Packard Foundation posted: 12/11/2009

California Coastal and Marine Initiative posted: 12/10/2009

Maryland 2010 Teacher of the Year Award posted: 12/06/2009

Bronx River Watershed Initiative
posted: 12/06/2009

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