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The value of birds in controlling agricultural pests

A new study quantifies the value of birds in controlling insect pests in coffee plantations... read more
Why are some ski slopes much worse for mountain ecosystems than others?

A new study finds that "not all ski slopes are created equal".... read more
Mitigation transforms streams, wetlands at landscape level

Study finds mitigation sends streams, wetlands packing from urban to rural areas... read more
The permeability of the urban landscape to wildlife movement

A new study looks at roads, bridges, and other urban features as potential barriers to wildlife mobility read more
When abandoned farmland passively restores back to tidal wetlands

Looking at wetland recovery on reclaimed agricultural lands once farming stops and the levees are more
Conserving whales by collecting blow samples in the wild

Research on pathogens in whales uses unbelievable methods to collect data... read more
Hybridization of endangered plants in botanical gardens

A cautionary tale: an extinct tree in the wild hybridizes in a botanical garden...  read more
Extinction in our times: global amphibian decline: Book Review

A new academic book reviews one of the most important conservation mysteries of our time... read more
The impact of wild horses on a desert ecosystem

Scientists wade into the controversy over introduced equines roaming the wild west... read more
Decline in large predatory fish promotes bloom in algae

Nutrients may get all the headlines but a study finds large predatory fish decline also promotes algae blooms... read more
Improving the success of endangered species reintroduction

Scientists present a tool for narrowing down habitat requirements of reintroduced species... read more
The effect of climate change on coastal ecosystems: Interview

Chris Craft grants us an interview on his lab's groundbreaking work at Indiana University... read more
What is the social cost of conservation in poor countries?

ASU scientist Patricia McElwee writes a blog posting on her important study in Vietnam... read more
The impact of pesticides on salmon populations

Projecting the impact to salmon populations from non-lethal exposure to pesticides in juveniles... read more
Sharp loss of mahogany in South America, study finds

Scientists use satellite imagery and expert surveys to estimate the extent of mahogany loss ... read more

What to do when a key tortoise goes extinct, introduce an exotic

Scientists offer a controversial solution to the extinction of keystone species... read more
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posted: 11/20/2009

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posted: 11/17/2009

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National Trails Fund posted: 11/20/2009

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Migratory Bird Conservation in the Upper Midwest posted: 11/17/2009

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posted: 11/16/2009

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posted: 11/10/2009

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