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Comparing organic vs. conventional agriculture on biodiversity...

Good news for organic agriculture! Study finds organic is good for biodiversity on local and landscape scales... read more
Forecasting the impacts of future energy development on species...

Future energy development could be bad for species like the sage grouse. So why not plan ahead... read more
Does hunting benefit the hunted? The case of cougars...

New study casts some doubts on the theory of compensatory mortality in the case of large carnivores... read more
Invasive species: how much is too much?

Some noxious weeds have a threshold where they go from tolerable to really nasty... read more
Using fossils to explain island bird extinctions...

A study uses paleoecology to figure out what characteristics make island birds prone to extinction... read more
Settlement of nomadic Maasai linked to wildlife decline in Africa

Grim news on the conservation front in East Africa... read more

In the zone: conserving marine life thorugh spatial planning

A new planning tool may help us apply the concept of zoning to marine protected areas... read more
Do protected areas halt deforestation?

A case study from Jamaica casts some doubt on protected areas as a universal conservation tool... read more
Hockey moms beware: foraging black bears prefer minivans

Let's say you're a hungry black bear in a Yosemite campground. What car do you go for... read more
Farmland watercourses as habitat for native fish...

Surprising results from a study on farmland watercourses. Habitat for native fish not so barren after all... read more
Study finds wide-scale impacts from logging on stream biota

Researchers look at past logging up in the catchment and find far reaching impacts on stream life... read more
GRANTS: upcoming deadlines from our Funding Board
North America Wetlands Conservation Act - Small Grantsdeadline: 10/29/2009

Community-Based Marine Debris Removal Grant deadline: 10/31/2009

Georgia Pacific Foundation Grants
deadline: 10/31/2009

African Elephant Conservation Fund
deadline: 11/01/2009

Great Apes Conservation Fund
deadline: 11/01/2009

National Migratory Bird Conservation Act Grants deadline: 11/02/2009

General Coral Reef Conservation Grants
deadline: 11/02/2009

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