The Eagles Eye Newsletter
Keeping you Connected with your Community   June 2009
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Runway Improvement Progress
Community Mailboxes & New Homeowners Association Address
Runway Improvement
Lime Rock Delivers 
The runway improvements are well under way.  Although hindered by a week of excessive rain, the project is now back in full  progress.  The topsoil has been removed, and the runway has been brought to grade, rolled and compacted.   The loads of limerock started arriving this week, with trucks five deep at times waiting to dump their loads. 
Spreading limerock
With a total of 3,200 tons to be delivered at 24 tons per truck, we have a total of 133 truck loads headed our way.  They have been trying to deliver 40 loads per day and hope to have all the lime rock deliveries complete by the end of this week.  

This newletter is being forwarded in an effort to keep everyone up to date when so many of our residents are away for extended periods during the summer months.  It is my hope that the information provided will help you feel connected to your community and the progress of the projects at hand. 
Limerock Arrives
Community Mailboxes
 Delivery Service Started
Limerock ArrivesThe installation of our community mailboxes is complete and the transfer of mail service to our secured boxes has successfully taken place.  We have assigned a box for the Homeowners Association, so please note the address change below for future dues payments to Eagles Nest HOA.    
Please Note The Following Change of Address :
Eagles Nest Homeowners Association Inc.
521 Georgetown Shortcut Road
Crescent City, FL  32112