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What? So What? Now What?
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Competitive intelligence and business strategy can be complicated subjects. Sometimes the complexity is daunting and that prevents companies from moving forward. It does not have to be that way.

Regularly answer three questions (in order) to simplify the task.

See my short article and video below to find out more. Take the first step to getting started with effective competitive intelligence so that your strategies can ensure your success.

I can help you. I am good at it. Let's talk.

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Three Basic Questions for Competitive Intelligence

Observe. Interpret. Act. An intentional approach to using competitive intelligence to improve strategy decisions. 

"Ninety percent of the information used in organizations is internally focused and only 10% is about the outside environment. -- this is exactly backwards." - Peter Drucker (Economist, 2001)

Peter Drucker astutely points out what is common in organizations. That is, most attention is paid to operational and tactical issues within a company. Of course, those issues are important.

However, when they consume management thinking, the sacrifice is an actionable understanding of the competitive environment.

Reorient your team toWhat? So What? Now What? balance their perspective. Help them to spend time looking outside the company.

How? Employ a simple process described in this video. Ask these questions regularly and designate time in regular reviews to discuss the answers.

If you want help, contact me and I will facilitate a discussion for you. I am good at it.
Four Hour Competitive Intelligence Workshop

CI WorkshopJump start your competitive intelligence. Get exposure to critical issues and problem solving approaches.

It is better to learn together.

A short competitive intelligence workshop may be what you need.

This workshop is designed for management or work teams to baseline their current understanding and identify gaps that can be quickly addressed.

When we are done, you and your team will have clear actions for improvement. You will know how competitive intelligence should be accomplished on an ongoing basis in your setting.

Most importantly, you will be able to make better strategy decisions.

Contact me to get more information or click here to download a flyer for the workshop.
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I have spoken to several groups lately about strategy and competitive intelligence. Each talk has been customized to deliver what was needed most by each audience.

If you have a speaking opportunity for an association or work team, contact me to schedule a speaking engagement.
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