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Helping You Get "Unstuck"
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Sometimes, just sometimes, the smartest people just get stuck.

Although they have solved hundreds of complex problems, the next solution is the one that eludes them. Maybe they need a new idea or a different way of thinking about the problem. Perhaps they need an active listener to clarify their own thinking. An effective decision-making  framework or analytical model may be the missing link.

I help people to get unstuck.

That frees them to move forward again. They can then solve the vexing problems, propose new initiatives and work more effectively with those around them. In short, they can grow their business and succeed.

How do you know if you are stuck? Here are three tests.
  1. Do you feel unrelenting pressure or frustration?
  2. Are you facing an unfamiliar business or strategy challenge?
  3. Do you have the sense that the "old" ideas will not produce the improved results that are expected of you?
I can help you. I am good at it. Let's talk.

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Speaking: What do I talk about?

OracleSolutions matter most. Practical talks on important subjects. 

"What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words 'competitive intelligence'?"

This was how I started a recent talk to a local CEO group. Unsurprisingly, they mentioned 'corporate espionage', 'spying' and 'subterfuge'. There is much confusion about competitive intelligence and its important role in business. The rest of my time was spent explaining three important topics.
  1. What is competitive intelligence?
  2. Why you need competitive intelligence?
  3. How do you get better at competitive intelligence?


I speak on multiple business strategy and competitive intelligence topics such as the following.

Competitive Intelligence
  • How to start doing competitive intelligence tomorrow
  • A comprehensive approach to creating a CI group where none existed before
  • A framework to measure your current competitive intelligence and a plan to improve your effectiveness
  • A survey of powerful models and techniques for CI
  • How to identify, track and close competitive gaps
  • Using CI case studies to solve real problems
  • Defining a professional growth path in competitive intelligence
Business Strategy
  • The pitfalls of looking inward for strategy
  • The strategy action cycle and how to master each step
  • Common reasons that strategies fail and what to do
  • Integrating competitive intelligence in strategy development
  • Defining a professional growth path in strategy
Do you need someone to speak to your association meeting, company work group or management team? Contact me to schedule an informative and solution-oriented talk.
Interviews With Competitive Podcast MicrophoneIntelligence Experts

Discussions of effective competitive intelligence problem solving with global experts

I recently completed six podcast interviews with globally known experts in competitive intelligence. Each podcast discusses solutions to a case study posted on the Competitive Intelligence Case Studies website. Click on the links below to listen.

August JacksonSix Days to Delivery - Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4
Days 5&6 (coming soon)
A case study involving a high pressure competitive intelligence project featuring a disruptive innovation from a major competitor. August Jackson is a prominent innovator in CI circles. In addition to his duties at Verizon, August promotes competitive intelligence through his involvement in the CI NING community and his well known CI Podcast Series.

Arthur WeissMQX Electronics- A case study in competitive intelligence data collection and navigating the ethical issues that are involved. Arthur Weiss is a noted author, consultant and teacher for a  competitive intelligence company based in England. His company is AWARE - Competitive Intelligence for Business Success.

Babette BensoussanBluesin Technology - A case study in using competitive intelligence to sort out the right growth strategy. Babette Bensoussan is co-author of the definitive books on analytical techniques for CI and strategy. When she is not teaching at universities and writing, she is the managing director for a successful consulting company, The Mindshifts Group, based in Sydney, Australia.

Read more about all of the cast study commentators here.

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MQX Electronics:
Case Study for Data Collection Ethics

Arthur Weiss

Six Days To Delivery: Case Study for Disruptive Innovation
August Jackson
Ellen Naylor

Nailen Witt Group:
Case Study for Competitor Threats  

Valerie Shuman
Douglas Bernhardt

Deciphering Westerly & Smith: Case Study for Organizational Alignment
Avner Barnea

Bluesin Technology: Case Study for Strategy Analysis
Avner Barbea
Babette Bensoussan
Interesting Quote

"Ninety percent of the information used in organizations is internally focused and only 10% is about the outside environment. This is exactly backwards."

Peter Drucker, The Economist, November 2001

Balance Concept
Five Essential Elements for CI Success

1.  Executive Driven
2.  Framework Based
3.  Decision Focused
4.  Balanced Perspective
5.  Ethical Operations

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