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Issue 4   Volume 2   April 2010       
Competitive Intelligence Supports Strategy
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April continued the roll out of my Competitive Intelligence Case Study program. Aside from posting a new case study, I am honored that accomplished CI professionals from around the world are adding their expertise to the effort. Stay tuned for more developments in the next few  months.

Meanwhile, my April competitive intelligence survey focused on understanding the customer of competitive intelligence in 35 different organizations. See the summary results for interesting conclusions.

Finally, I have more CI articles due to be published in May. May's newsletter will highlight them to you for your free use.

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Should competitive intelligence professionals make predictions?

In two blog articles in April, I argue both sides of the issue.

NO: Don't Trust Competitive Intelligence Predictions

In the last month, I have had the privilege of hearing two prominent economists speak. Both covered the state of the economy and talked about global competitiveness issues. However, the most fascinating statement from both men was simply this. "Do not trust my predictions." If these accomplished men were so humble, should CI professionals deign to make predictions? ... read more

YES: Competitive Intelligence Without Predictions is Dead

Predictions are essential for effective competitive intelligence. Without them, competitive intelligence is "dead." The greatest impact for effective competitive intelligence is improving the likelihood of more positive future outcomes for the client or company. How can this be done if competitive intelligence professionals shy away from making testable statements about the future? more
How do organizations use competitive intelligence?

My April survey of competitive intelligence at 35 companies suggests that most organizations use CI to support or augment decision making for strategy.

The most common use of competitive intelligence is to add value to the strategy decision making process. Sometimes the value is broad (i.e., better understand the environment) and sometimes it is specific (i.e., make a better decision).

The complete survey data set is on my JTHawes Consulting website.

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CI Predictions - Yes or No?
April CI Survey
CI Case Study
CI Case Studies

New Competitive Intelligence Case Study

I posted a new case study for the fictional Bluesin Technology company. Noted author and CI consultant Babette Bensoussan analyzed the case and supplied her problem solving commentary.

Avner Barnea added his commentary for the Bluesin Technology case study, too.

Meanwhile, Arthur Weiss supplied an alternative view of the Deciphering Westerly & Smith case in his comments.

Look for the continuation of the Six Days To Delivery case next month in my Strategically Thinking column in Competitive Intelligence Magazine.

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