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Issue 3   Volume 2   March 2010       
Competitive Intelligence Helps You Win
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March was the time of meetings. The annual Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals conference was held in Washington, D.C. April will bring news about important collaborations flowing from meetings held there.

Meanwhile, my March competitive intelligence survey yielded some fascinating results. See if you agree with my conclusions after reading the summary.

Finally, the Spring is a good time to review how I can help someone that you know. The News and Updates section explains how.

How can I help you or someone that you know? Let's talk.

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News and Updates

I can help you achieve meaningful, concrete results.

Beat Your Competition

I can help you answer the eight key questions to improve your competitive intelligence. Each good answer enables you to make better strategy decisions. These questions include ... read more


Grow Your Business

Effective strategy is difficult because the competitive environment is tough. Ten important questions frame those challenges. I can help you get good answers to fuel your growth. The approaches include ... read more


Develop Your Team

Maybe your team is in place but they need some new ideas. I can stimulate, coach and mentor your team to find new and better solutions. I have written 90 articles ... read more


Assess Your Performance

Knowing how your team is doing today is the first step for improvement. I have tools to assess your organization and an approach to covert the results into actions. The 10-step framework has ... read more


Close Your Gaps

My most popular article deals with a process for identifying, monitoring and closing competitive gaps. I can instruct and energize your team to implement a simple, effective gaps process. An overview presentation at ... read more


Learn From Case Studies

I sponsor a Competitive Intelligence Case Study site designed to learn from realistic stories. Modeled on the Harvard Business Review case study method, renowned CI experts share solutions and insights. New case studies ... read more


Trustworthy, Recommended, Effective

I am proud to have recommendations from nationally known business leaders ranging from consultants, small business owners to executives at large corporations. Consistently, they have observed ... read more

Does Your Organization Understand Competitive Intelligence?

My March survey of competitive intelligence practitioners suggests that many organization do not.

The results show that 70% of competitive intelligence customers have no better than an average understanding. This gives an enormous advantage to the other 30% that do understand.

A discussion of the results can be found on my Strategically Thinking blog. The complete survey data set is on my JTHawes Consulting website.

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News and Updates
March CI Survey
SLA - CI Division

Special Libraries Association - CI Division

I have recently joined SLA and discovered a wealth of competitive intelligence resources. Extensive training, information tools and networking opportunities are good reasons for CI professionals to consider SLA. The CI Division is focused on competitive intelligence issues.
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