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Issue 2   Volume 2   February 2010       
Improving Your Business Strategies With Better Competitive Intelligence
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February was a busy month!

My regular Strategically Thinking column in Competitive Intelligence Magazine (from the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals) began. The first issue included the beginning of a three part case study that will roll out over the next six months.

Which leads me to my next new venture -- I am announcing my new Competitive Intelligence Case Studies site.

For everyone that wanted more information about Gaps Analysis, see the new video presentation.

Finally, have a look at the competitive intelligence survey I completed. Some of the results are surprising.

How can I help you or someone that you know? Let's talk.

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Announcing New Website from JTHawes Consulting, LLC

Dedicated to discussions of realistic competitive intelligence cases and problem solving by experts from the Competitive Intelligence community.

Sharing competitive intelligence information among professionals can be problematic. The information is sensitive to companies and clients. This makes problem solving discussions difficult.

Now, in the best tradition of Harvard Business Review, realistic case studies are presented, debated and discussed on my new website. Click here to see the cases, commentators and guidelines. Then, start reading the cases and responses on the blog.
Is Your Competitive Intelligence Above Average?

Surprising results from surveying 24 professionals about their challenges. Are you being well served by your competitive intelligence?

The results show significant challenges for competitive intelligence. A discussion of the results can be found on my Strategically Thinking blog. The complete survey data set is on my JTHawes Consulting website. The survey can be downloaded here

Look where CI is used. Do you need help in any of these areas?

CI Uses
Gaps Analysis Video Presentation Gaps Analysis Presentation

Listen to video presentation for Competitive Gaps and a process close them.

The most popular article on my Strategically Thinking Blog covers a Gaps Analysis process.

Now listen to a video presentation that expands on the process and themes from that popular blog. Or, read the original blog posting here.

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In This Issue
Competitive Intelligence Case Studies
2010 CI Survey
Gaps Analysis Video

New Column in SCIP's Competitive Intelligence Magazine (CIM)

"Six Days to Delivery"

My new column debuted this month in CIM with my first case study about six days in the life of a CI project. You can go to my CI Cases Blog for the case study and responses from August Jackson and Ellen Naylor.

"Deciphering Westerly & Smith"

Avner Barnea is the guest commentator for this case study about a consultant diagnosing the CI issues for a successful company.

All of my articles can be downloaded or viewed from here.
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