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Growing Again in 2010!
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As a tough economic year ends, it is time to talk about growth again in 2010.

Growth will come when we get the winning strategies in place that give us sustainable competitive advantages.
Think about the key strategic questions for growth. The right questions leads to the right solution models. And that leads to your success. See if you connect to any of the eighteen different strategy questions.

Finally, I continue to add resources for you and your team. See the most popular articles from the past year. These articles were read by hundreds of business leaders around the world.

How can I help you or someone that you know?

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Key Questions for Strategy Leaders

Getting the question right is sometimes the most difficult step to solve a strategy challenge.

The right question suggests a specific solution model.

Eighteen different business strategy and competitive intelligence questions are identified on my revamped Services webpage.

Strategy Models
2009: Strategically Thinking Blog Most Popular Articles

The votes are in and the Top 10 articles from the Strategically Thinking blog are shown below.

1. 5 Steps for Gap Analysis
2. 10 Steps for Successful Competitive Intelligence
3. The "Three Tool" Competitive Intelligence Professional
4. Competitive Intelligence: What Seems to Click
5. My Top 10 Competitive Intelligence Mistakes
6. Answering the 5 Difficult CI Questions
7. A Competitive Intelligence Note to Strategic Marketing
8. 5 Signs of Strategy and Competitive Intelligence Distress
9. A Competitive Intelligence Note to a CEO
10. The Human Side of Competitive Intelligence
Strategically Thinking Blog
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Key Strategy Questions
Strategy Articles
Competitive Gaps
Finding and Closing Competitive Gaps

My most popular article in 2010 described a practical, effective gaps analysis process.

That article from the spring was updated recently for the Metroplex Technology Business Council newsletter.

I serve on the MTBC Innovation and Management committees.

Read the updated article here.

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