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Talking About Strategy With Others
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November is a month for sharing thoughts and information about strategy.

August Jackson (Competitive Intelligence Podcast) interviewed me as part of his excellent series of podcasts.
Ram Garg (PMI) invited me to present strategy and competitive intelligence thoughts to project managers as part of his ongoing Project Management Institute education webinars. You can get the slides on my downloads page.

Of course, the writing for my Strategically Thinking blog continues. Big plans are ahead!

How can I help you or someone that you know?

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Competitive Intelligence Podcast

Podcast MicrophoneHow does competitive intelligence relate to strategy decisions? What priorities should a CI professional have when doing their work?

August Jackson and I discussed these questions and more on his Competitive Intelligence Podcast.

Listen to this interview and others in the series at August's site.
Business Strategy and Competitive Intelligence for Project Managers  
I gave a webinar to project managers covering these topics and more. The presentation is posted here.

  • Critical Components of Business Strategy
  • Key Elements of Competitive Intelligence
  • Five Basic Steps in Gaps Analysis
  • Hints for Talking With Strategists
Strategically Thinking Blog Notes 

Avoiding 5 Competitive Intelligence PitfallsCI Pitfalls
In competitive intelligence, pitfalls  distract the CI professional from usefully satisfying the needs of strategy decision-makers. read more

Fundamental ToolsThe "Three Tool" Competitive Intelligence Professional
There are three fundamental categories of skills for competitive intelligence. A "three tool" competitive intelligence professional will be competent all of these areas. read more
Look for upcoming articles on strategy and competitive intelligence case studies coming in the new few weeks in the Strategically Thinking blog.
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The One Hour Challenge
The One Hour Challenge

Let's talk for one hour about a business or competitive strategy challenge that you need to address.

If I don't give you a great idea or approach before the hour is up, then pick your favorite spot for lunch. It's on me.

I am confident that I can help you in 60 minutes or less. Guaranteed.

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