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A Fresh Start for JTHawes Consulting
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Filled with free content and provocative articles to help you with your business and competitive strategies, my new website and blog have been extensively redesigned.
When you want someone to ask the right questions, to suggest new solutions and to make sense out of the competitive environment, call me. I supply personal help as a trustworthy partner dedicated to your success. Let us get started improving your strategies.

For the month of October, I have a challenge for you. See my One Hour Challenge offer to the right.

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Deciding Where to Improve Competitive Intelligence 

Sometimes it hard to tell what to do first. That is why I have created a diagnostic tool for Competitive Intelligence.

It poses questions in ten areas critical for your success. Simply answer the questions and you will quickly see the opportunities for improvement. Even better, I will walk you through the assessment and produce a customized plan for you that fits your priorities and budget.

Ten CI Steps
Starting Competitive Intelligence Effectively  
CI Ning
This series is completed and available for download by clicking here.

Give this to anyone on your teams that is planning to start or improve a competitive intelligence function in your organization. It will help them be successful as they deliver value to you.

There are many practical hints, proven approaches and helpful tools described. Also, I have described many important principles about working well in an organization. Best of all, all of this is free to you!
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Deciding Where to Improve
Starting CI Effectively
The One Hour Challenge
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The One Hour Challenge

Let's talk for one hour about a business or competitive strategy challenge that you need to address.

If I don't give you a great idea or approach before the hour is up, then pick your favorite spot for lunch. It's on me.

I am confident that I can help you in 60 minutes or less. Guaranteed.

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