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June 2009
Helping Smart People to Think Clearly About Their Business & Competitive Strategy
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CI Diagnostics Tool
CI Training
The Human Side of CI
5 Reasons For Not Improving CI
CI Diagnostics Tool Testing
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Starting in July, we will be testing a tool for assessing the state of CI in an organization.


The results will be confidential and the trial users get access to the tool at no cost.

Contact Tom to get your free trial.
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The big news this month is that the Competitive Intelligence workshops are ready. Some of the details are in the article below. The 15 part series on forming a new Competitive Intelligence function is moving along. Part 9 of that series has recently been posted on my Strategically Thinking Blog. Also look for the five reasons that companies don't improve CI. Finally, a new set of diagnostic tools for competitive intelligence will be available for testing in July. Let me know if you are interested in a free trial.

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Competitive Intelligence Training

Workshops Customized for Your Priorities

Classroom LearningWe now have three CI training workshops available. Each of these can be taught separately or in combination to deliver what you need in your organization. They are designed to be interactive classes focused on simulations and exercises that help your team understand and use competitive intelligence more effectively.

The three classes are described more fully on the website here.

  • Competitive Intelligence Foundations - Critical steps to get started effectively with competitive intelligence.
  • Competitive Intelligence Process - Perfect to formalize ad hoc competitive intelligence efforts.
  • Competitive Intelligence Techniques - Excellent for teams that are moving toward competitive intelligence maturity.
All of our training is customized to fit your needs. We meet with you and then produce a proposal that takes into account your near term requirements and long term goals.
The Human Side of Competitive Intelligence
People Make The Difference

It's easy to forget that real people determine whether or not competitive intelligence is successful in any organization. They provide the input, consume the output and are responsible for whatever changes are required. To mimic the focusing statement used by political campaigns, "It's The People, Stupid."
This series lays out the challenges encountered when starting a Competitive Intelligence program with particular attention paid to the human element of those challenges. Parts 10-15 will be coming throughout July.

Series Introduction
1. Find the Pain                               10. Build the Presence
2. Get the Job                                 11. Expand the Brand
3. Tease the Vision                          12. Go For The Value
4. Frame the Foundation                   13. Expand the Staff
5. Setting Some Standards               14. Go On The Offense
6. Introduce the Brand                     15. Evangelize the Mission
7. Accumulate the Tools
8. Back to the Vision
9. Secure the Budget
5 Reasons Companies Don't Improve Competitive Intelligence
Common Reasons for Standing Still
In meeting with leaders from multiple companies, there is a common thread that I observe about the need for and lack of competitive intelligence in their businesses. Given the dearth of competitive intelligence insight, why don't companies spend more time and money getting better at this function? There are five common reasons that I hear from companies.
  1. We already do competitive intelligence (but it is not helping us).
  2. We can't afford it (but we can accept the costs of not doing it).
  3. We don't believe it can help (because we think we are already are doing everything we need to do).
  4. We tried it before (and it didn't deliver valuable information).
  5. We need certainty (and there is some risk in the answers).
 Read more about this here.
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