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Issue 1  Volume 1  May 2009
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The Human Side of Competitive Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence

Interested in starting a CI function within your organization? Or, maybe you need your existing system to work better? How do you proceed? And what landmines await you?

I am laying out a methodical approach that focuses on concrete steps to create or improve a CI function. More than that, the critical importance of understanding senior management, your peers and others in the organization will be explained. Look for all of the steps during May and June on my Strategically Thinking blog.

Here are the steps that I am covering.

1. Find The Pain
2. Get The Job
3. Tease The Vision
4. Frame The Foundation
5. Establish Some Standards
6. Introduce The Brand
7. Accumulate The Tools
8. Back To Vision
9. Secure The Budget
10. Build The Presence
11. Expand the Brand
12. Go For the Value
13. Recruit A Staff
14. Go On The Offense
15. Evangelize The Mission

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This is the first newsletter from JTHawes Consulting. I hope that you find it a valuable mix of ideas and news that will help you and your team. My goal is simply to help smart people navigate through the tough business strategy and competitive issues that they face. My passion is to see people succeed on these challenging assignments. Let me know how I can be of service to you.

The Strategist's Challenge
I like to say that strategy is hard. Well, at least having a good strategy that delivers what you need is hard. Many times there are people who are good at one aspect of the strategy process. Perhaps they excel at creating the essential ideas. Or, maybe they are especially good at implementing an existing strategy. Sometimes someone shines at explaining the strategy to others to inform them and gain their support. The complete set of responsibilities consists of 5 strategy areas. It is the strategist's challenge to accomplish all 5 steps proficiently to be successful. An organization's success is often directly influenced by how well the strategist performs.
In The News
How the Mighty Fall: A Primer on the Warning Signs
The author of Good to Great on how to spot the subtle signs that your successful company is actually on course to sputter-and how to reverse the slide before it's too late.

How Facebook, MySpace and YouTube Killed eBay
Most often, people blame eBay's decay on factors like the weakening economy, the rise of Amazon, as well as eBay's own inefficient search functionality. But the real and simple reason is eBay is no longer fun.
5 Ways Big Business Weathers the Economic Storm
Cisco, Corning, IBM, Intel, and Schwab have weathered worse economic storms. Here are five strategies they're using to come out of this one even stronger.

Mastermind Strategist Larry Ellison: Oracle Snaps Up Sun And Throws Down Gauntlet To IBM
Ellison's shrewd deal making these last four years-spending $34.5 billion to acquire 50 companies-has been well founded. Each of these companies has customers steadily paying maintenance fees, income that is consistent even when cash-strapped consumers are refusing to shell out for new products.

Training Coming in
Summer 2009
Several Competitive Intelligence courses are under development and will be available in the summer of 2009. Each class is tuned to offering practical advice that can be used immediately in an organization. There are 3 topic areas that I am covering. Let me know which ones interest you.

  • Starting a Competitive Intelligence Function From Scratch
  • Embedding Competitive Intelligence Responsibilities in Everyone's Job
  • Advanced Competitive Intelligence Tools and Techniques

The Challenge

Creating a strategy to win.

Preparing your team to execute.

Outmaneuvering your competition.

Starting now. We can help.