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July/August 2010
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CSS Wins New Military ASIC

CSS Wins New Military ASIC
Custom Silicon Solutions recently won a development and production contract for a new Military ASIC.  This ASIC is used in a phased array radar application. It is a mixed-signal ASIC with "microcontroller-like" digital capabilities.  CSS is providing a full turn-key service, including the ASIC design, prototype fabrication and production.
A phased array radar uses an array of transmit/receive elements to electronically steer the radar beam.  The phase delay and signal strength of each element is adjusted to aim the beam in the desired direction.  One controller IC provides the Transmit and Receive data for each element and is commonly called a "T/R Controller". 
The new IC interprets instructions or commands from the system's processor, retrieves the appropriate phase and amplitude data and outputs the data on two output ports.  Communication between the system and the ASIC is implemented with a serial interface, similar to a standard SPI format.
If you are interested in an ASIC for your Military system, CSS would be pleased to discuss it with you and provide a proposal.  
For more information, contact Mike McDaid at (949) 797-9220 or email him at

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Welcome to the July/August edition of the CSS Newsletter.  We hope you find these articles informative and helpful in your work.

Custom Silicon Solutions (CSS) provides a true Turn-Key Solution to meet your Mixed Signal ASIC needs - from Development through Production.  Our mission is to develop an ASIC that meets your requirement at the lowest possible price and with a minimum of assistance from your technical staff.  Please visit us at for more information or send an inquiry to [email protected].
Keith Shelton
Custom Mixed-Signal ASICs for the Industrial Market
Custom Mixed-Signal ASICs for the Industrial Market
Custom Silicon Solutions has been involved in numerous designs over the past few years, developing mixed-signal ASICs for the Industrial, Medical and Military markets.  Some of the interesting designs for the Industrial market follow:
Hour Meter/Odometer with EEPROM Memory
This instrumentation ASIC is used as an elapse time meter or as an odometer with non-volatile memory backup.  This design has been in production for many years with annual volumes over a million units.
    • Internal voltage regulator
    • Brownout detector and auto backup of counter data into EEPROM
    • 6-digit LCD driver (duplex with temperature compensation)
    • 32 KHz crystal oscillator
    • Programmable counter prescaler & alarm 
Utility Meter ASIC
This mixed-signal IC was used in remote-read utility meter applications for many years at annual volumes of over half a million units.  It was used primarily in electric meters.
    • Low Power (< 5uA)
    • 32 KHz crystal oscillator and PLL clock multiplier
    • Digital Tone Detector and Demodulator
    • 8-Bit DAC
    • Unit ID stored in EEPROM
    • Brownout Detector
Microcontroller ASIC 
This mostly digital IC provides all the controlling functions in remote-read utility meter applications.  It has been in production for a number of years with peak volumes of 4 million units annually.
    • 8-bit core with SRAM and ROM
    • Replacement for obsolete microcontroller
    • 16-bit Timer, Dual 8-bit I/O Ports and SPI Hardware Interface
    • Supply range = 1.25V to 6.0V
    • Supply current ~ 3X lower than original IC
Heater/Controller ASIC
This unusual IC is used as both a heat source and a temperature controller for high accuracy oscillator applications.  It has seen limited production to date, but has a great many potential applications.
    • 12V to 18V Supply Voltage
    • 1.25 Amp Heater Current (20W)
    • Internal or External Temperature Sensor
    • Temperature setting held in on-board EEPROM (user programmable)
      • Range = 65C to 130C
      • Resolution = 0.1 degrees C
These are but a few of our Industrial ASIC designs, but they are typical examples of the mixed-signal designs completed at CSS.  We also serve the Medical and Military markets which will be covered in later Newsletters.
If you would like for us to review your requirements for an ASIC, please contact Mike McDaid, our Director of Sales, at 949-797-9220 or
[email protected].
Custom Silicon Solutions is your Mixed-Signal ASIC Solution.

"Itron has been very pleased with the design, project management, and implementation of the custom ASICs that CSS has developed for us. CSS is a preferred supplier and a source we look to on new designs. Further, they have done an excellent job of supporting ongoing production."
Kent DeLong
Strategic Purchasing Manager

Demo Kit 
   CSS68HC68W1 8-pin PDIP (green)
Custom Silicon Solutions, Inc. is offering the CSS68HC68W1 at a significantly reduced price of $2 each. 
The CSS68HC68W1 is a direct replacement for the Intersil CDP68HC68W1 which is unavailable from Intersil or other sources.
The CSS68HC68W1 modulates an input clock to provide a variable frequency and variable duty-cycle output signal. Three 8-bit registers (pulse width, frequency and control) are accessed via a 3 line serial interface. It is available in a green, 8 pin PDIP package.  
Quantities limited to available stock, 50 units minimum order. For quantities of 1000 or more, the price for each unit would be $1.50 direct from the factory.
 To order, contact us at
(949) 797-9220 or email us at [email protected] 
or contact our Distributor
Globalwide Electronics Group
Call: Lance Laviano
631-677-2400 or email:
Offer Expires: August 31, 2010