February 2012 - Vol. 10, ISS. 1



Happy New Year! We are now in the thick of Winter, but according to weather predicting rodent Wiarton Willie, Spring is just around the corner! Although we are now almost ready to think about Spring and Summer we would still like to share some things we did last year, as well as fill you in on some upcoming events here at AboutFace.


This past fall was an exciting time for us at AboutFace. We hosted our first ever Face Your Fear, CN Tower EdgeWalk event, which was a complete success, vastly surpassing our expectations for fundraising. We also had another successful year of Camp Trailblazers, which took place in September and October across Canada. To read more about what we have been up to, click the "Announcements" section.


With the New Year upon us, we are excited to announce a new Acquired Facial Difference Workshop Conference Call. This call will be designed specifically for adults with an acquired facial difference to connect with others who are going through or have gone through a similar situation, and to share their stories and strategies. We are also continuing our monthly Adult and Parent Conference Calls. All the information about these programs is under the "Upcoming Events" section.


Enjoy this issue!



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A Story by Patrycja Domurady an active AboutFace member


On March 10, 2003 my new life began. I was involved in a serious car accident driving north of Toronto for a skiing trip. After our driver missed a few stop signs, he lucked out and we got hit by a truck. The skis which we had inside of our car for the trip, collided with my face upon impact and I sustained massive facial trauma to the bones of my face; my right eye was severed. read more

What is a facial prosthesis and how does it work?

by Todd M. Kubon B.A., M.A.M.S.


A facial prosthesis is an artificial device used to replace a missing or malformed facial feature.  A facial prosthesis can be made to replace an absent ear, nose, or eye with lids. A person in need of a prosthesis may have lost a part of their face due to cancer, trauma, or as a result of a congenital birth anomaly. Facial prosthetics offers an alternative to rehabilitation when surgical reconstruction cannot be achieved, or is preferred by the patient. read more  

Acquiring a Facial Difference

by Dr. James D. Anderson, BSc, DDS, MScD and Todd M. Kubon, BA, MAMS for AboutFace


When one acquires a facial difference, it is usually sudden and unexpected. A rapid series of events follows, that likely includes many medical consultations and surgeries. Decisions must be made rapidly, and commitments are acted upon with little time for reflection. It may be a life changing time filled with high anxiety. read more

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