November 2010 - Vol. 7, ISS. 4  


Summer has ended and fall is here - kids are back to school "it's the most wonderful time of the year." This month, AboutFace would like to dedicate our E-newsletter to Teasing and Bullying. You will find under the "Resource" section of our website a list of beneficial tools that will help you teach your child the importance of self-acceptance and acceptance for each other.


This month we are introducing our "Volunteer Cares" section on the left hand side. Every issue will feature a different AboutFace volunteer. 


Below you will find the article "Teasing and Bullying on the School Yard" which focuses on why children tease and bully one another, and ways in which you can better prepare your child for any type of confrontation they made encounter.


You will also find an article by Randy Pielsticker, the AboutFace Camp Director, on this year's Camp Trailblazers and what he's got planned next!


Last but not least, don't miss Katrina Cichosz inspiring story. If Katrina has inspired you to share your story, just visit our website at and click on the "Share Your Story" button, or just click HERE. We'd love to hear your story!


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Volunteer Cares

Raising Awareness for Children with Facial Differences

by Andrea Holmes, AboutFace Development and Strategic Partnerships 
Eliana Giddens
Eliana Giddens at age 6 months
Eliana was born with Townes Brocks Syndrome and because of this syndrome she has hemifacial microsomia (no right ear and an under developed lower jaw).read more
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Teasing and Bullying on the School Yard
by  Brianna Bate, Communications Assistant at AboutFace

Teasing and bullying is a fact of life that everyone experiences at some point in time in their lives - but it's how we handle the situation that defines who we are.

read more

Camp Trailblazers 2010
by Randy Pielsticker, Camp Director for AboutFace
Camp Trailblazers 2010
Ontario Camp 2010
The World Through My Eyes
by Katrina Cichosz, and AboutFace Member
Katrina Cichosz
Katrina Cichosz

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