August 2010 - Vol. 6, ISS. 3
Summer is a busy time at AboutFace with a number of events on the go. Now that summer is coming to an end we'd like to share with you a little bit about the events that took place the last couple of months.
This issue features a number of feel good stories that relate back to our recent and upcoming AboutFace events: the Annual Golf Classic, Leap of Faith, and Camp Trailblazers! Remember to check out the Announcements section to see how much the Leap of Faith event collectively raised this year to help send children with facial differences to Camp Trailblazers across Canada!
Also, a special thank you to all Scotiabank members who took part in the Scotiabank Bike-a-Thon event - they raised over $61,000!  We hope you enjoy our late Summer E-newsletter.
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In memory of Andrew Archer
by Will Archer 
Andrew Archer
Andrew Archer
There are people who are famous, people who are infamous, those who give and take, people who are known for their good deeds and very many who go unnoticed no matter how much credit or remembrance is deserved. read more »
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Who is Responsible for My Life Anyway?
by Catherine Osborne B. Sc. (OT), ACC
Catherine Osborne
Catherine Osborne
To achieve success, you must clearly believe that you have the power to shape your own life. You must also believe that outside factors do not prevent you from achieving your goals.
Remembering Logan Wellman
by Brianna Bate
Logan WellmanEvery year since Logan passed away, Wendy, Logan's mother, has sponsored a child to go to Camp Trailblazers in memory of her son.
Click above to help sponsor a child go to camp.
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Skydiving for a Great Cause
by Brianna Bate
Daničle Laroche
Daničle Laroche
Teams and individual jumpers geared up on Saturday, July 10, 2010 as they prepared to jump out of a perfectly good airplane at the Leap of Faith event.
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