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June 2012
Fluorescents galore.
  Image Credit: ALG Online's Sources & Auxiliaries Chapter
Beginning on July 14, 2012 new efficiency mandates will go into effect. Regulating general-service fluorescent lamps, these mandates will eliminate the popular T12 lamp/ballast. Read about the new mandates, what they mean for energy and cost savings and how they'll impact you in this month's ALG Connections. Examine best-practice retail design with fluorescents in our Featured Application section. Miss the recent daylighting webinar from Advanced Buildings and Green Light New York? Link to the on-demand recording and more in What's New.
ALG Connections
The End of the T12 Era
grocery retrofits
More than half of the 67 stores operated by Discount Drug Mart, Inc. have completed lighting retrofits that the retailer expects will deliver significant combined energy and maintenance savings over the life of the new lamps.
Image credit: GE Lighting
A recently published article in
Electrical Contractor Magazine explains the systematic phase-out of the fluorescent T12 lamp, which will dramatically accelerate the shift to more efficient T8 and T5 lamp/ballast systems. While they might be perceived as an inconvenience to some, the newest efficiency mandates (effective July 14, 2012) will drive energy and cost savings in both commercial and residential buildings. For example, replacing an existing four-lamp 34W magnetic T12 system with 32W T8 lamps on an electronic ballast can generate about 38 percent energy savings. For details on the mandates, updated exemptions and incentives that are fast running out, read this month's ALG Connections (PDF).

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Featured Application Advanced Lighting for Retail: Product Display         
Big Box Product Display
Track luminaires highlight products and merchandise.
 ALG Online's Application Directory provides comprehensive designs of lighting and controls based on specific building and/or space types. This retail application showcases product display configurations for big box stores. Track luminaires provide layered lighting as part of an integrated lighting concept. You'll notice that the Luminaire Schedule specifies high performance T8 linear fluorescent lamps. During upgrades, be sure to carefully consider lamp retrofits vs. fixtures replacement. Read the Retail Application--Big Box Product Display (PDF).

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What's New
Watch Now: Breaking Barriers to Integrated Daylighting + Controls.
This on-demand webinar featuring the Daylighting Pattern Guide and new research from Green Light New York presents design solutions for implementing this high performance design practice. IES CEUs available.  
Don't miss the June 27 webinar (3-4 pm CDT), Energy Management Best Practices hosted by the Energy Center of Wisconsin. Explore low-cost energy saving solutions and best practices. Presenter, Richard Pearson, PE, will also provide a review of the Energy Star Portfolio Manager    

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