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May 2012
personal light control, Lutron Quantum
Workstation Lighting Control Software; Quantum® Total Lighting Management from Lutron
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Every once in a while you hear about a new technology or design concept that gives you a fresh perspective on lighting design. LIGHTFAIR International 2012 was nothing less than inspired and inspiring in its abundance of great technologies and even greater innovations. That said, for a few months now we've been thinking about some things Nancy Clanton mentioned when we sat down with her to discuss best practices in energy efficient lighting. She talked a lot about new strategies for personalized lighting control. Read more about Nancy's vision for personal space lighting design in this month's Industry Trends. Then check out our featured lighting application design example for small enclosed offices and consider what personalized control options you might overlay. And as usual, see the latest events in What's New.
Lighting Industry Trends
Personal Space Lighting Design: There's an app for that. 

Quantum Controls App
Quantum app (Lutron Q-Control+)
For a number of years,
industry players have been hailing the virtues of personal lighting control (see these articles from 2011, 2010 and 2004.) It can provide multiple benefits, from increased occupant satisfaction and productivity to significant energy savings. More and more companies offer integrated control systems (i.e. LutronQuantum, Revio CLV, Philips Occuswitch Wireless, Daintree's ControlScope System) that allow for dimming and tuning, wireless and desktop controls. "That's what people like," says Nancy Clanton of Clanton & Associates, "having localized control and creating a personalized ambiance. This is the way we should be designing truly energy efficient lighting."

Now think for a moment about sitting in the front seat of your car. It's one of the few places where we have complete control of the characteristics of our immediate personal space. Temperature, ventilation and sound controls can be finely tuned to our exact specifications. "I see the future of lighting as being extremely personalized and flexible [with] ambient overhead lighting playing less of a role than ever before." Nancy envisions the ability to control and program desired lighting levels and colors in your office space at the touch of a button. "In our office", she says, "we all use iPads® with these amazing apps--we've got scanning apps and white board apps--and I'm thinking, why not lighting apps?"

As it turns out, Lutron will unveil the Quantum iPad app this summer. The total building control app will offer the ability to control and reprogram area scenes, zone levels, and presets straight from the palm of your hand. "This product stands out", says Lutron Product Manager, Matt Ochs, "because it's designed to give lighting designers, facilities managers and occupants varying levels of access to adjust both lighting and shading systems in each space." The app replaces plug-in handheld programming devices to give designers more freedom to program lighting scenes within a given room or zone--both remotely and in person. At the same time, access authentication will ensure that occupants can adjust lighting presets in their spaces without reprogramming the entire scene. "The beautiful thing," Nancy says, "is that we don't have to do lighting as usual. I think we understand personalized comfort systems. We just haven't been applying them to buildings."

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Featured Application Advanced Lighting for Office: Small Enclosed Office    

small enclosed office ALG Online's Application Directory provides comprehensive designs of lighting and controls based on specific building or space types. Check out this office design module, Enclosed Office Application- Small 1 (PDF), detailing the design approach, criteria and controls for small, enclosed office spaces. As demand for flexible lighting options in personal space control increases, consider how they might alter or enhance this design application and suggested luminaire schedule. 


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What's New
Did you miss LIGHTFAIR 2012? It's not too late to learn what you need to stay at the cutting edge. Click here for conference highlights, programs, presentations, 2012 Innovation Award winners and more.   


Next Generation Luminaires Solid-State Lighting Design Competition announces 2012 indoor lighting competition winners. Luminaires are judged on the basis of color, appropriate illuminance, light distribution, glare control, appearance, serviceability, value, and energy efficiency. Winners of the outdoor lighting competition will be announced soon.   

Color is key. Now through April 2013, Tivoli, LLC is offering two new online courses entitled, "How We See Color" and "How We Use Color." The two-part series features courses specifically designed to explain the mysteries of the human eye, how it adapts to its environment, and what that means for your lighting design. Learn more.

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