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February 2012
LED project, Clanton & Associates
LEED Platinum LED Project, California, USA
Photo Credit: Clanton & Associates 

Retrofitting with LEDs is a seductive idea. It promises a convenient way to upgrade lighting for energy savings with relatively minimal input. But it's not as simple as that. To do it well--and with the results you want--takes some careful planning. This month, in the second of our two-part series on LEDs, we sit down with ALG contributing author and lighting design expert, Nancy Clanton, to get her thoughts on how to retrofit the right way. Also, check out our Featured Chapter section for a list of product selection resources to help you choose the best LED products to meet your lighting and energy goals.

Author Spotlight
Nancy Clanton on Lighting the Future (and retrofitting the right way)

Nancy Clanton 

ALG Online had the recent pleasure of speaking with one of the lighting industry's brightest stars, Nancy Clanton of Clanton & Associates. Her thoughts were illuminating to say the least. Also an ALG Online contributing author, Clanton shared her expertise on the value and potential of solid state lighting but also important things to consider when retrofitting with LEDs.     


Among those considerations are looking beyond simple light bulb replacements to account for overall power quality. If the power factor of replacements isn't equal to existing lamps, issues like flicker and inconsistency of color can become a challenge--much like we've seen with CFLs.  For more, read our interview (PDF) with the expert lighting designer.   


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Featured Chapter
Choosing the Right LEDs 

from LED Application Guidelines As we've said before, LED technology continues to advance rapidly in efficacy, color and dimming capabilities and more. This makes it more important than ever to know where to look for information about the best solid state products available. Read our LED Product Selection Resources (PDF) feature for a curated list of resources to help you choose the best LED product to meet your needs.

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What's New

New to LEDs? Read a set of Frequently Asked Questions from the U.S. Department of Energy. It's an easy supplement to ALG Online.

Consult this handy FAQ (PDF) for quick answers to basic questions about LED technology.       

Check out the new cost-benefit tool for LED street lights from the U.S. Department of Energy.
The new Retrofit Financial Analysis Tool was designed to help cities, utilities, and other organizations estimate the cost and impact of switching to LED-based street lighting.

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