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Featured Content: Daylighting — Strategies for Harnessing Daylight to Reduce Energy Use and Increase Occupant Comfort

Meet an Author: Christopher Meek

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Check out the Daylighting Pattern Guide—the latest addition to New Buildings Institute's Advanced Buildings suite of tools. Developed in partnership with the Integrated Design Labs in Boise and Seattle, the Daylighting Pattern Guide is a no cost, online resource for those looking to integrate proven daylighting strategies into commercial building projects.
Successful daylighting design requires balancing daylight distribution throughout the year, allowing for as much illumination as needed for a given space while also minimizing glare conditions or negative effects on thermal comfort or HVAC loads. It is also one of the primary ways to ensure maximum energy efficiency in new and existing buildings. When integrated with efficient electric lighting and controls, proper daylighting can reduce lighting-related energy consumption by up to 70 percent.

ALG Online can help clarify the daylighting design process. Learn more in this month's featured chapter, as well as a sample daylighting case study otherwise only available to ALG Online subscribers. Also, daylighting expert Christopher Meek shares his thoughts on daylighting best practices for both new construction and renovations.

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Daylighting — Strategies for Harnessing Daylight to Reduce Energy Use and Increase Occupant Comfort
What exactly IS daylighting? Daylight design refers to the design of the building elements such as windows and skylights, which admit daylight into the interior spaces in a building. Maximizing daylight should always be the first step in the lighting design process. Electric lighting schemes should then be properly integrated to complement natural light during daytime hours and provide proper illumination during evening and nighttime hours.

Putting daylighting to use in your new construction or retrofit requires careful consideration. While the benefits of effective daylighting are significant, poorly designed daylighting can result in higher than necessary energy costs and occupant discomfort.

ALG Online's Daylighting chapter helps to clarify the benefits of daylighting and explores direct and indirect daylighting sources; daylighting strategies that consider performance, design and context parameters; fenestration technologies and how to integrate electrical lighting design and controls. Daylight simulation tools will help you visualize how daylighting can impact a space throughout the day.

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ALG Online was created with the help of 23 authors, leading experts in their field, including education, research, engineering, manufacturing, and design. This month, contributing author and daylighting expert, Christopher Meek sat down with ALG Online to share his thoughts on best practices for incorporating daylighting strategies into both new and existing buildings.

A registered architect in the State of Washington, Christopher Meek serves as the primary daylighting consultant at the Integrated Design Lab in Seattle. In this role, he consults with regional and national design teams and on more than 50 commercial and institutional building projects per year. Meek teaches graduate and undergraduate level courses at the University of Washington on daylighting, electric lighting, perception, and building design and frequently speaks on daylighting design and building planning for organizations that include IESNA, AIA, and the USGBC. Meek is a contributing author to the daylighting chapter of ALG Online, as well as a developer of Advanced Building's Daylighting Pattern Guide.

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