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Featured Application: Office Performance
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Rising energy costs and a growing desire for more efficient buildings has commercial building owners demanding the latest in energy efficient building technologies. Given that lighting accounts for roughly 26 percent of the energy use in commercial buildings, it's often the first place to start. But, sometimes an increased up-front cost of higher efficiency lighting equipment can be hard to justify.

The tools and information in ALG Online not only offer help specifying the right luminaire for the job, but also demonstrate how efficient lighting pays back in lower monthly energy costs and increased occupant productivity.

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Health & Performance - Improving Productivity
To meet today's standards for advanced lighting design, a successful final product must integrate effective lighting performance and energy efficiency.

If done well, lighting can also improve worker productivity, reduce sick time and employee turnover. However, helping building owners understand the benefits of advanced lighting can be a challenge without concrete examples and data.

ALG Online's Health and Performance chapter helps define advanced lighting and looks at the effects of lighting on visual task performance and human health. ALG Online's Productivity & the Economic Value of Lighting shows how advanced lighting can improve worker productivity and the benefit even small increases in productivity can have on profitability.

Click this icon for a printable PDF about the evidence of the positive impacts of better lighting on productivity. To read more, visit the Lighting & Productivity (Definitions & Evidence) section.
ALG Online was created with the help of 23 authors, leading experts in their field, including education, research, engineering, manufacturing, and design.

Leslie North is a contributing author to ALG Online and is the founding principal of Aurora Lighting Design, Inc., an independent lighting consultancy in the Chicago metropolitan area. Her practice entails all aspects of architectural lighting design with special expertise in healthcare. "Effective lighting design incorporates new light sources, sustainable design trends, control options, and an understanding of how light impacts human health in a way that positively impacts healthcare facilities' aesthetic goals and their bottom line."

Leslie cites the role advanced lighting can play in attraction of patients, reducing staff stress, improving patient outcomes, reducing maintenance and operating costs, and increasing patient satisfaction. All important outcomes in an increasingly competitive healthcare climate.

The concepts and methods used to achieve these goals are reviewed in ALG Online's Design Considerations chapter. Leslie co-authored this chapter with lighting designer, Leslie Davis.
Office Performance
Need to specify the right products for an open office plan with a high density of workstations? Tap into ALG Online's Application Directory for comprehensive lighting designs and controls recommendations for various types of office spaces.

Lighting uniformity, glare control, daylighting, visual comfort - these are all high priorities when designing an office environment that helps employees work together effectively. The lighting should be interesting without creating distractions such as shadows or sudden changes in light levels.

ALG Online's application for Open-Plan Offices with high ceilings and low partitions specifies direct/indirect luminaires, which illuminate the ceilings bringing the ambient light closer to the desktops for an optimally lighted work environment.

For more details and design recommendations, visit ALG's Office and Open-Plan Applications, High Density 2.
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ALG Online has been developed by New Buildings Institute (NBI) as part of its Advanced Buildings suite of tools and resources to help design teams and other commercial building professionals create high performance commercial buildings.

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