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Latest Core Performance version increases stringency
Two new tools promote daylighting design strategies
Core Performance projects showcased in project directory
Project Highlight: Fidelity Bank
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Daylighting Pattern Guide


Daylighting Guide for Office Interiors 


Changes for Core Performance 1.1


Advanced BuildingsProject Directory 


Local Incentives and Resources



New version of Core Performance increases stringency of efficiency measures

The latest version of the Core Performance Guide 1.1 results in buildings that are up to 25% more energy efficient than ASHRAE's model energy code 90.1-2007. Core Performance is a direct, simplified design approach to achieve predictable energy savings in small- to medium-size buildings without the need for
moCPG 1.1 Coverdeling.


Version 1.1 is a comprehensive update to the Core Performance Guide version 1.02. While the structure of the guide remains much the same, the prescriptive requirements have been updated to align with AIA/DOE/NBI's joint proposals for the 2012 IECC code cycle (EC 147 and 157). 


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New tools target daylighting design strategies

High quality daylighting design has the potential to improve occupant comfort and productivity while saving substantial energy. Advanced Buildings is offering two new, free-to-use tools that will help design teams incorporate daylighting into their commercial building projects.


The Daylighting Pattern Guide presents 19 prime examples of well-designed daylit spaces around the United States. Each
projeDPG Graphicct represents a common pattern and was photographed, physically measured and simulated. Sensitivity analysis of key design variables was conducted on each project to demonstrate whether the outcome was optimized and to illustrate the impact of multiple

'alternate design decisions' on the daylighting performance.

The guide, developed by NBI in partnership with the Integrated Design Labs in Seattle and Boise, can be found at

A second tool, the 
Daylighting Guide for Office Interiors,

helps designers understand and consider the best use of space and finishes for maximizing illumination with daylight without glare. The guide was developed by Interior Architects and the Integrated Design Lab in Seattle with funding from ALG Online and the Office of the Future Consortium.


Advanced Buildings is offering the guide free as a PDF file. It includes specific steps to accomplishing good daylighting design, facts, tips, a glossary, links to other resources and case studies.


Access the Daylighting Guide for Office Interiors at  



Advanced Buildings that follow Core Performance featured in project directory

In the three years since the Advanced Buildings Core Performance Guide was released, we estimate that nearly 100 projects have been completed and are gathering information on verified projects into a new Project Directory. The online directory features Advanced Buildings projects that have put Core Performance to work and includes the name of the project, building type, square footage, and local utility or energy efficiency program sponsor. Several of these projects already include a link to more detailed project profiles that highlight efficiency measures and savings. Additional profiles are underway.


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Core Performance project highlight:
Fidelity Bank, Leominster, Mass.

Fidelity Bank is one of the oldest and continually growing independent, local banks in Central Massachusetts. Eager to be a good corporate citizen - and with hopes of realizing long-term savings - Fidelity worked with its design team and National Grid to incorporate Advanced Buildings energy efficiency strategies into the construction of its new corporate center and branch.

Fidelity Bank 

Efficiency measures addressed in the design of Fidelity's four-story building include the building envelope (both insulation and high performance windows), energy-efficient lighting fixtures and controls, and a high efficiency HVAC system. In addition, the computer server room features a split system control which operates continuously to handle the heat-rejection load of the equipment. Excess heat is directed into occupied office areas as needed.


Opened in January 2007, the 47,000-square-foot building includes office space as well as a banking facility. The efficiency measures are helping building owners realize an estimated savings of 184,535 kWh a year.


View Fidelity Bank project profile



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