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Strive to be Perfected!
Message From Maitreya

Perfect Beings, where are they?
Where are the Perfect Beings we talked about in last month's article? Read...


Ka hinga te arai (the curtain will fall)!
This prophecy of the Maori people of New Zealand relates to the End Times and is very similar to prophecies found in other cultures and in the Bible! Read...


Feast Of Tabernacles 011993!
The Feast is fast approaching!  We would like to remind everyone that...! Read...

Lectures at the Feast!
If you think you might be interested in giving a lecture at the Feast...! Read...

Videos digitized at hi-res!
Our entire collection of Mission-related videos is now digitized in very high resolution! Read...

New weekly meditation class!
We now have a live meditation class on Monday as well as Wednesday nights! Read...

Update on short video project!
We have found someone for the job! Read...

Changes to Newsbrief!
You may have noticed some small differences in this month's Newsbrief...! Read...

Of Interest
Of Interest

Note: This is the last time the "Of Interest" section will be included in the Newsbrief.  For more information, see the "Changes to Newsbrief" announcement above.

In this section, we will place news, articles, websites, etc. that we find to be interesting or worth mentioning. Read...


This section is for the monthly reports that have been sent to the Mission! Read...

MOM Meeting
MOM Members Meeting

Wednesday, June 16 at 7:30 PM Mountain Standard Time.  Noor/Unus will be the moderator/co-moderator this month. More info...

Feast starts: September 22, 2010

We are a 2009 Constant Contact All Star!  Click for more...

In This Issue
Message From Maitreya
Of Interest
MOM Members Meeting

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