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Four cornersMessage From Maitreya
Comments on Many Native American Prophecies!
Maitreya adds comments to many Native American prophecies! 
Buddhusm and 2017Buddhism and the year 2017!
By: Noor 
According to our teachings the 12,000 years in our Calendar finish in 2017.  What else finishes in that year?  Read
Eagle1Otomi Prophecy!
By: Andrew Harris
The sound of 8,000 sacred drums is the latest prophecy our contact from British Columbia has sent to us...  Read...
GateThe Gate!   
The Gate is narrow...  Read...
End of the 2009 Feast of Tabernacles!
The Feast of Tabernacles has finished for this year.  The feedback has been very positive and many have enjoyed it.  Now that the Feast is over... Read...
Feast's audios!
We have the audios of the activities of the Feast ready for you to download, learn, and enjoy... Read... 
Golden Keys 7!
We have had six Golden Keys in booklet format.  Now we have one more.  Also, some changes in how they will be published... Read...
Changes in how to become a contact person and who is a Light Bearer!
We have streamlined the process of how to become a contact person.  Also, find out what is a Light Bearer... Read...
New policy on translating our website!
Those who want to translate (or are currently translating) our literature to other languages should read this section... Read...
Search the Koran from our website!
Now you can search the Koran in many translations and languages... Read... 

The Best Way!
The best way to benefit most from Mission rituals... Read...
Land in India!
We were recently offered some land in India.  Here is what happened... Read...
Seond LifeSecond Life News:
Second Life is the virtual world where the Mission is creating a Cyber Community of Light.  We have the Temple, housing, meditation areas, etc.  Go to SL to visit, and read the latest news about it here!  Read...
Contacts1Reports From Contacts:
This section is for the monthly reports that have been sent in by Mission contacts.  Read
Meetings1MOM Members Meeting:  
Wednesday, October 21st at 7:30 PM Mountain Standard Time.  Mandala/Noor will be the moderator/co-moderator this month.
To listen to the audio of previous MOM meetings, go to our FTP site where the audio for these meetings are.  Choose the year and then the month of when the audio was recorded!  Read...
Satsangs Recently Corrected and Added to the Website:
10/04/2005: Listen - Read - Topics
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