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Blue Kachina!BlueKatchina
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Message From Maitreya
Our contact in British Columbia, Canada, sent us more Prophecies from the Hopis.  What do these Prophecies mean?  Maitreya answers this question!...  Read... 
Hopi Prophecies!
Our contact in British Columbia has sent us some Hopi Prophecies that are related to the Mission... Read...
New Books for Libraries in Second Life are Needed!
The libraries in the Temple in Second Life have been completed.  We need ebooks to fill the shelves... Read...
Contact Updates!
The contact list is being reviewed by Noor.  The contacts that are not active and/or cannot be reached will be removed from the website.  There are also new requirements to be a contact for the Mission... Read...
New Contact!
We now have a new contact in Asheville, North Carolina.  It is good (God) to see Keyosha is back with us :).  Read her report!... Read...
Change of MOM's Meeting time!
The time and day for the Mission of Maitreya Members meeting has changed... Read...
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Seond LifeSecond Life News:
Second Life is the virtual world where the Mission is creating a Cyber Community of Light.  We have the Temple, housing, meditation areas, etc.  Go to SL to visit, and read the latest news about it here!  Read...
Contacts1Reports From Contacts:
This section is for the monthly reports that have been sent in by Mission contacts.  Read
MOM Members Meeting: 
Wednesday, August 19th at 7:30 PM Mountain Standard Time.  Unus/Hosanna will be the moderator/co-moderator this month.  Read...
Satsangs Recently Corrected and Added to the Website:
08/27/2005: Listen - Read - Topics
05/07/2005: Listen - Read - Topics
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Blue Kachina!
Second Life News
Contact Reports
MOM Members Meeting
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