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Collective KarmaCollective Karma!
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Message From Maitreya
Many times it is said that there were a few people in a group or a society who have done a horrible act.  Are the rest of that group/society responsible for the act of these few?  Read... 
Schedule for the Feast of Tabernacles is now online
The schedule for the Feast of Tabernacles has been created and is now online... Read...
Yearly Sabbath Celebration
The Yearly Sabbath Celebration is another Feast Commanded by God to be kept forever ... Read...
Search/Read/Order THOTH online at Google
Now THOTH is available in Google Book Search to be searched, read, and ordered ...  Read... 
Reading THOTH in the morning
Join us and help read THOTH in the morning.  A great way to ... Read...
Search/read THOTH from our website and/or yours!
You also can search THOTH from our website directly.  Or you can set your website to do the same and more ...  Read...
Seond LifeSecond Life News:
Second Life is the virtual world where the Mission is creating a Cyber Community of Light.  We have the Temple, housing, meditation area, etc.  Go to SL to visit, and read the latest news about it here!  Read...
Contacts1Reports From Contacts:
This section is for the contacts to send their monthly reports to the Mission.  Since this area had become crowded, we moved the reports to its own page.  Read ...
MOM Member Meeting. 

Friday, May 15th at 7PM Mountain Standard Time.  Hosanna/Mandala will be the moderator/co-moderator this month.  Read...
Satsangs Recently Corrected and Added to the Website:
05/14/2005: Listen - Read - Topics
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Collective Karma
Second Life News
Contacts Reports
MOM Members Meeting
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