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September 28, 2012

            12 Tishrei 5773

  Candlelighting 6:58 p.m.
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RabbiKahnOne of the most famous "classic questions" posed in rabbinic literature regarding the holiday of Sukkot goes like this: Why is Chag HaSukkot celebrated in the month of Tishrei? Since it connects to the Exodus from Egypt when G-d supplied shelter for the Jewish people in the desert, shouldn't it be celebrated in the month of Nissan after the holiday of Pesach? There are several well-known answers to this question, but I would like to focus on two approaches offered by the Midrash. First, the holiday of Sukkot comes directly after Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur to demonstrate clearly that Hashem has accepted our prayers and repentance and wishes to reward us with a joyous and beautiful holiday. Second, after the intense experience of the Days of Awe has wiped away all of our misdeeds, Hashem wants us to start the New Year with merits, so He gave us Chag HaSukkot which is full of mitzvah opportunities "as a pomegranate is full of seeds." As we begin the holiday of Sukkot this Sunday evening, may we all feel the joy of knowing that Hashem has washed away our transgressions and immerse ourselves in the rich traditions and observances of this special chag. 


Shabbat Shalom! 

Rabbi Zvi Kahn


What a busy month we are having and it is only half over!  Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and now, Sukkot!


Don't miss the Simchat Beit Hashoevyah Sukkah Party at CTA this coming Wednesday, October 3.  The event will feature a petting zoo and pony rides, music and dancing in the Sukkah and a NY style deli selling dinner in support of the 8th grade trip to Washington DC.  This event is fun for the whole family from 5-7 pm in the CTA Sukkah.


Last week's "Get Ready for Sukkot" event at the JCC and projects that the kids have been working on in school should fill everyone's sukkah and homes with Sukkot fun.  The CTA sukkah was built over the last few days with the help of High School students. Throughout next week, our students will be eating lunch and celebrating with their classes during this joyous holiday.  There will be awesome pictures!


If you don't have a Sukkah at your home and would like to eat a meal in a Sukkah, contact Shari and she can help arrange home hospitality.


And, while all the celebration is going on, classes are on as scheduled as we meet our curricular goals. Third grade will be taking the Reading Achievement Assessments this coming week. 


Monday, October 1: Succot - No School
Tuesday, October 2: Succot - No School
Wednesday, October 3: Grilled Cheese-Volunteer: L. Polster
Simchat Beit Hashoeyvah, 5-7pm
Thursday, October 4: Turkey Pastrami-Volunteer: L. Schottenstein
Friday, October 5: Tuna-Volunteer: P. Schiff 

Monday, October 8: Shemini Atzeret- No School

Tuesday, October 9: Simchat Torah- No School

Wednesday, October 10: School Picture Retakes

Executive Board Meeting, 7:30pm

CTA Scrip Office, 864-0299 ext. 112
Monday-Thursday- 7:30am-4pm; Friday- 7:30am-3pm

The Scrip Office keeps a variety of available scrip on hand. Special order scrip from hundreds of stores is available by sending your request to To see a complete selection of all of the Scrip choices, go to To benefit CTA with online purchases, register at  

"I heard through the Grapevine..." Karan Tanenbaum is looking for HOT LUNCH VOLUNTEERS for the 3rd Thursday and the 4th Monday of every month - HOURS go toward G&G commitment at $25/hr. Please contact Karan at or ext. 122.


"L'chaim and Todah Rabah to ... Stacy Leeman for buying Speedway Scrip for gas and interchangeable GAP/Old Navy gift cards for bat mitzvah presents for which CTA gets a WHOPPING 14%! WOW! Tricia Rosenstein purchased new shades with Lowe's scrip, and used the iGIVE button when buying on-line, too! Jackie & Albert Keri also used Lowe's scrip for purchasing a garage door replacement. At 4% contribution from Lowe's back to CTA, this all adds up! Order Scrip gift cards through Lesa at the front desk ( Lesa has a list of participating Scrip gift cards and stores.


The Give & Get (G&G) Commitment for 2012-2013 is $2,000 per family. G&G is fulfilled through donations, Scrip purchases, solicitations & volunteering.  The weekly G&G Grapevine gives you ideas of how to easily do your part. Send a record of all G&G volunteer hours to


If you would like to volunteer, contact Volunteer Coordinator, Kim Abelman, at 855-5195 or Volunteer time is worth $25 per hour towards Give & Get.



Wednesday, Oct. 3

HOME Soccer game vs. Mt. Vernon Academy

Varsity Boys, 5:30 pm


AWAY Soccer game vs. Cypress Christian

Middle School Boys, 5 pm 


AWAY Volleyball game vs. Cypress Christian

Middle School Girls, 5 pm


Thursday, Oct. 4

HOME Volleyball game vs. Patriot Prep

Middle School Girls, 5 pm


HOME Soccer game vs. Patriot Prep

Middle School Boys, 5 pm


By Dror Karavani, Lower School Judaic Studies Coordinator


A Different View of Israel Through Shanah Tovah Cards: Liat Shaked, our community young "shlicha tziera", who joined our school to teach us about Israel, shared various Shanah Tovah cards from Israel with the students, which portrayed the different challenges and achievements Israel has undergone. Through these picture cards, the children discussed and learned more about the different segments of Israeli society. For example: Shanah Tovah to the Tzahal (IDF) wishes to continue building in Israel, having plenty of water supply, etc.


Dror1 9-28 Yom Kippur and Sukkot: In this short week, we find ourselves preparing for two important holidays. For Yom Kippur, in addition to the specific learning, we did a kaparot (giving charity) activity in the classroom. This was another opportunity to learn about and to do chesed (acts of kindness). For Sukkot, the students helped decorate our school sukkah and prepare their own arts and crafts to bring home. During Chol Hamoed, there are many exciting plans to continue the celebrations (sukkah hop, color war with Rabbi Elbaz and more). Stay tuned...


Our Judaic teachers would like to wish you Gmar Chatima Tovah and Chag Sameach - Happy Sukkot. 


Dror2 9-28  Dror3 9-28



By Galit Golan, Hebrew Language Coordinator

Galit 2010

It was a pleasure to see so many of our students following along the Hebrew text in their Machzorim on Yom Kippur at shul. Accurate reading is the foundation of language acquisition, and therefore, it's one of the main focus points in the Hebrew curriculum.


Our kindergarten students gain the foundation for reading Hebrew using the HEBREW READING MAGIC curriculum, which gives a helpful sign to each letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, and divides the vowels into vowel groups.  The teachers in the following grades use the HEBREW READING MAGIC terminology to maintain the knowledge that the students gained. Second grade has learned how to greet and welcome students and adults to their classroom or their homes. The virtual Tal Am class has a new teacher, Morah Ziva Ron. The second graders also learned the last names of Morah Ziva's students and welcomed a new boy and a new girl to this class. Below are two pictures of Morah Minna's students with puppets of the characters from the Tal Am program. Shavua Tov and Chag Sukkot Sameach.


Galit 9-28Galit2 9-28


By Rabbi Zecharia Weitz, Upper School Judaic Studies Coordinator

Weitz It's not as bad as it looks in the picture. Yes, we are utilizing students for manual labor but it's for a good reason. As we discussed in last week's Dateline, the halachot of each yom tov are covered in the Judaic Studies classes as we prepare for Chag Hasukkot. The CTA sukka is our textbook. As the students quickly Weitz2 9-28 find out, the kashrut of our sukka involves just about every halachic discussion pertaining to building a sukka. Each wall contains its own chapter of hands-on learning. You are witnessing students learn, do chessed and get a quick upper body work-out all in one 42 minute period.  Chag Samayach!  


Also this week Rabbi Chaim Yosef Ackerman from Congregation Ahavas Sholom shared inspiring words with our High School students in preparation for Yom Kippur.   Weitz1 9-28


What Do You Think? Sukkot commemorates the miraculous clouds that Hashem provided for our protection and comfort in the desert. There were a number of significant miracles we experienced in the desert, for example, the man and the Well of Miriam. Why is there a holiday for the clouds and not for the other miracles? 



Submitted by Dianne Schwendenman, 
Upper School Math & Computer Teacher

US1 9-28 This year, students in Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 are taking part in an alternative learning method called 'flipped lessons'. Instead of taking notes during a class lecture, students are watching and taking notes from on-line video lectures at home. Then, in class, students complete what was formerly known as 'home work' problems. With this method there is time to work the more difficult problems with the students during class and to work individually with students on specific concepts. Two of the goals I hope to accomplish using this method are: 1) To make learning mathematics less frustrating for students and 2) To make self- paced learning a viable option.


US2 9-28 Currently though, both classes are taking a break from their flipped lessons and are working on applying their math skills in the classroom.  In Algebra 1, students began their robotics project with a lesson on using a flow chart as a first step to programming a robot's movement. Then, by calculating the circumference of their robot's wheels, students were able to program their robot to move a predetermined distance. Next students will time how long it takes the robot to travel a fixed distance as they vary the power settings of the robot's motors. The data collected will help the students establish the relationship between the power setting of the robot's motors and the robot's actual speed.  Algebra II students are currently studying linear equations and their graphs. For their project, "Bungee Jumping Construction 101", students attempted to develop a 'safe and secure' bungee jumping cord out of rubber bands. Students collected data to be used to predict the optimal number of rubber bands to use to create a 'bungee jumping cord' that would allow a bolt, attached to the cord, to free-fall the farthest from a given height without hitting the ground. Students made their predictions after collecting and plotting data into a scatter plot so a 'line of best fit' could be drawn. They then extrapolated this 'line of best fit' to determine the correct number of rubber bands to add to their cord for a drop from a greater height......We can only hope that no bolts will be injured as a result!


Submitted by Irit Karavani & Deena Tanenbaum
1st Grade Teaching Team
Smartboard in Judaics2 In Judaic Studies, we have begun using our SMART Board.  It is amazing that the 1st graders were able to learn about "Yom Kippur" in an interactive way.  The students were asked to come to the board which had a few pictures on it and to touch the picture which shows an "averah" (wrong act) and the picture would disappear.  The 1st graders were also able to roll dice for a special game just by touching the dice.  These innovative and interactive ways to learn about Yom Kippur were the first opportunities our 1st graders have had to use the SMART Board.  This new technology is part of the renovation of the Kindergarten and First Grade wing and every one of the four classrooms in that wing has received a SMART Board - new technology for our school that are teachers are receiving training and support on.

  1st grade tree

In General Studies, the beginning of the new month is an exciting time for the 1st graders. Older students who were 1st graders in C.T.A. during the past seven years, know what a new month means in Miss Tanenbaum's class: Time to venture outside to visit the first grade class tree!  The students pose each month with the tree, sketch a picture of the tree, and notice a detail or two about it. 


Unfortunately, the class tree got sick last year.  Even with CTA parent and master gardener Eli Cieplinski trimming off the dead branches, the tree didn't survive the winter.  Spring came, but no leaves grew.  Over the summer, the tree was cut down, and now the stump remains. 


It is with great happiness that we report to you the planting of our new first grade class tree!  Instead of the Ash tree that died, there is now a Red Buckeye growing nicely near the K/1 playground.  The 1st graders already had their first official visit.  The second graders even came to welcome the new tree, posing for pictures for old-time's sake.  Although we will miss our old tree, we are excited to watch our Buckeye grow and mature throughout the coming years!


A Flu Vaccine Clinic will be held at CTA on Thursday, Oct. 18. A registration form and more specific information about the vaccines can be found on the Torah Academy website ( 


Sukkot3 9-28 Close to 300 people attended the "Get Ready For Sukkot" program sponsored by Leonore Zusman and the Stuart and Marilyn Cole Fund of the Columbus Jewish Foundation last Sunday at the JCC on College Avenue.  This fun family event attracted CTA parents and community members.  Special thank you to the volunteers and staff who helped make this program such a wonderful success led by staff members:  Morah Galit, Shari Herszage, Rabbi Drandoff, Rabbi Frankiel, Rabbi Kahn, Moreh Dror and Mrs. Lerner.


Sukkot2 9-28 The day featured arts and crafts galore, story time with Moreh Dror and Mrs. Lerner, and spray painting t-shirts with Rabbi and Mrs. Frankiel.  Remember, all the pictures can be seen at







Sukkot1 9-28  


Josh Tranen and Ayelet Wenger, graduates from the Class of 2012, have been selected for the Tikvah Seminar for the current school year while they study in Israel.


Tranen Josh

Tikvah Fund offers a select year-long seminar for high school graduates to promote serious thinking about the nexus of Jewish values and enduring human questions.  Through presentations and retreats, the program brings together some of Israel's finest rabbis, scholars, and activists with curious and motivated students.  The program, directed by Rabbi Shlomo Brody, intends to supplement Israel program curriculums by providing a forum for interdisciplinary study, dialogue, and camaraderie amongst a select group of students.  The experience seeks to help develop the next generation of thoughtful and learned Jewish leaders.  


The 2012 Tikvah Seminar selection process was highly competitive and of the 31 students selected, two are graduates of Columbus Torah Academy. For more information about the Tikvah Seminars, visit




Steak & Jazz Night  


Free One-Week Trial Membership at the JCC:  The JCC invites you to spend one week using the facilities and experiencing all the J has to offer. Pick-up a card on the counter in the front office and take it to the JCC Membership Office to receive your one-week trial membership.


Columbus Legislative Candidates' Night: You are invited to join School Choice Ohio and other parent ambassadors from the Columbus area for a Legislative Candidates' Night to interact with candidates for the Ohio General Assembly and to learn more about the school choice in Ohio on Thursday, Oct. 4, 6:30 8 pm at Wolfe Park Shelterhouse, 105 Park Dr.  RSVP to Shari Perkins, School Choice Ohio's Outreach & Mobilization Associate at or 614-377-1261.



It has been a time-honored Jewish tradition to give tzedakah in recognition of important events. Todah Rabah to the following for their donation:


To the Scholarship Fund:

Stanley and Elaine Lemeshow in honor of Al Dembe's birthday

Jon and Susie Diamond in memory of Teddy Hilsenrath

Bob and Betsey Lane in memory of Teddy Hilsenrath

Alan and Sara Shatz in memory of Herman Rosen, in memory of Monica

   Calabrese's father, in memory of Rita Neymotin's father, in honor of

   Benny Makias' Bar Mitzvah, in memory of Smadar Melmed's mother, in

   honor of Al Dembe's birthday, in honor of Alison Barnett's engagement

   to Matan Gutwaks, in memory of Mark Margolies' father, and in loving

   memory of Sara's father, Rubin Louis Karlsberg

Janie Bleyer in honor of the Schneiderman family and their hospitality and kindness


1.  Why were heaven and earth specifically chosen as witnesses?

     a.  They endure forever.


2.  How is the Torah like rain?

     a.  The Torah gives life and promotes growth like rain.


3.  How is G-d "faithful without injustice?"

     a.  He is "faithful" by rewarding the righteous, and "without injustice" by rewarding even the wicked for their good deeds.


4. Why is G-d called "tzaddik"?

     a.  All will agree that His judgments are righteous.


5.  How many major floods did G-d bring upon the world?

     a.  Two. One in the time of Adam's grandson Enosh and one in the time of Noach.


6.  What group of people does the Torah call "fathers"?

     a.  The Prophets. Elisha called the Prophet Eliyahu "My Father."


7.  Why did G-d separate the world's nations into exactly 70?

     a.  To correspond to the 70 members of Bnei Yisrael who entered Egypt.


8.  Why is the merit of the Jewish People's ancestry called "a rope"?

     a.  Their merit is "woven from " the merits of the Avot.


(Parsha Ha'azinu Quiz originally appeared on the

Ohr Somayach website,


As part of our partnership with the Shiloh school in Israel, we will be receiving riddles each week relating to the Parasha.  You will notice this each week on this back page.  The goal is to have the parents and children discuss the parasha, while trying to figure out the connection between the picture and the parasha.  All answered riddles should be given to the Judaic teacher on Monday. The names of the winners will be announced and sent to our friends in Israel. 


Riddle 9-28
What is the connection between the picture and the parasha? 
Look in Chapter 32, Verse 49. You will find the answer there.


Riddle winner The winner of last week's riddle is 
Akiva Gisser.

Moreh Dror Karavani will collect all of the submitted answers, put them into a box, and save them for the big raffle! You will hear more about this very soon. Keep your answers coming.

I hope you enjoy the electronic version of our Dateline. Please check out our website at