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St. Francis Sports Medicine Newsletter | July 2012  
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July 2012

7/10, 7/17, and 7/24
All Corners Track Meet

Tri the Swamp Rabbit Triathlon at Furman University 


Adult League Volleyball Tournament

7/20 - 7/22
A Ride to Remember benefiting Alzheimer's Association

SAIL Championship

SAIL Classics

St. Francis Summer Series Bike Race



Ask any athlete what is holding them back from having surgery that could potentially eliminate pain they may be experiencing and the answer is common: it will take too long to recover. That's the perception many athletes have - that to stop to have surgery means months of painful recovery and lost training time. But that is not necessarily true. Please continue reading to learn more: 

Sports Surgery at the Speed of Life


The surgical techniques and technology that are now available make surgery less invasive and less painful than ever before. That can mean a faster recovery and less training time lost.


Many sports related injuries that require surgery can be repaired with minimally-invasive surgery called arthroscopy. This type of surgery uses very small incisions and the surgery itself is performed with tiny surgical instruments and a camera to give the surgeon visibility without having to make a large cut to be able to see what he or she needs to see.


Arthroscopy can be performed on knees, shoulders, ankles, elbows, and even hips. These procedures can completely repair ACL tears, meniscus tears, rotator cuff problems and remove any unnecessary debris in the joint that causes pain. They also can be used as a way to ward off a joint replacement in a patient who isn't quite ready for one.


If you've been putting off seeing a doctor because you're afraid of a diagnosis that involves surgery, now may be the time to make that appointment. Visit one of our Sports Medicine surgeons to make the first step.