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February 2012

Greenville High Rugby

Furman Rugby

Greenville High Rugby


Green Valley Road Race

Derby Dames Roller Derby

Greenville Spring Series Cycling

Greenville High Rugby

Griffins Rugby

Greenville Spring Series Cycling

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Goodwill Mud Run
Please join us for the 2012 Goodwill Mud Run on April 14-15.

The Mud Run
Boot Camp Training by Fleet Feet begins on March 25.  


Did you know that if you have foot, ankle, hip or back pain while running or walking that it could be caused by the way you run or walk? Some running injuries require looking beyond the site of your pain to the way your body moves when you run to determine the root cause of the pain or injury. Please continue reading to learn more: 
Is Pain Keeping You From Hitting Your Stride?


Many overuse running injuries can be caused in some way by training errors, poor technique or anatomical and biomechanical factors. For example, if you have knee pain when you run, there may be nothing really wrong with your knee, but the way you move your hips or feet causes the pain in your knee.


St. Francis Sports Medicine now offers comprehensive video gait analysis to get a complete look at the kinetic chain and help determine if the way you run is causing your pain.


Gait and Motion Analysis
The evaluation starts with listening to your concerns. Then we complete an assessment with functional measurements to determine how your spine, hip, knee, ankle and foot all connect. Finally, we'll video tape you walking and running on a treadmill, with and without shoes, using our sophisticated video motion analysis system. This system uses high resolution motion capture systems to acquire, analyze and display two dimensional motion data on patients while walking or running.

In addition, we synchronize the video footage with information about how your feet strike the ground. This can show two and three dimensional images of pressure on the feet that give our analysts more information about motions that could be causing pain.  


sive Analysis and Expert Care
Once the exam is complete, we will go through the video frame-by-frame, looking for any gait nuances that could contribute to pain or injury. Then we'll advise you on strategies for resolving your pain. This could include exercises that condition certain muscle groups, change your gait, modifications to your shoes, orthotics, or even a referral to one of our sports medicine physicians or surgeons. No matter what you need to solve the problem, St. Francis Sports Medicine can help.

To learn more about our new gait analysis, call (864) 400-3630. A physician's referral is required for insurance coverage. Self pay options are available.