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May 2010                                         Volume: 2      Issue: 12
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Fundraising Failure to plan is planning to fail. It's an old saying, but it holds true for just about any major project, including school fundraising. Fundraising experts say spring is an ideal time to develop a solid game plan for the following year's fundraisers - and it helps eliminate headaches down the road.  more
Multi Purpose Schools report that one of their biggest logistical problems is finding and juggling space for their various functions and activities. Multi-purpose areas are often created to serve as gymnasium, stage, and cafeteria. Optimizing the functionality of the multi-purpose room by using movable partitions can be the answer to your space dilemma.  more
Projector Projectors have proven to be an invaluable tool for incorporating multiple perspectives and materials into a curriculum so that as many students as possible can understand a lesson's subject matter. Modern projectors offer educators an array of options for increasing the clarity and structure of lesson content.  more
HeadMasterGet anytime, anywhere access and connect your administrators, teachers, students, and parents all online! HeadMaster OnDemand for School is a Web-based solution that uses one integrated database to empower and connect your organization. This all-in-one solution package is customizable to meet your unique needs and includes the following feature-packed benefits:
  • Teachers can enter grades from home or school.
  • Parents can securely go online to communicate with teachers.
  • Students can log in online to access homework assignments and class discussions.
  • Administrators can order background checks, manage tuition, registration and enrollment from any location.
  • Staff can check in/out students via keyboard or scanned ID card.
Check out HeadMaster OnDemand now or call 1-800-736-7425 for more information.

CBT Smartdesk New Thinking in education combines multiple teaching methods, including but not limited to, the use of computers, laptops, and mobile devices. Plan your classroom upgrade with SMARTdesks. Collaborate, innovate, and generate the furniture design and floor plan to advance your new thinking.

TransTech Pebble 4 makes printing IDs for students and staff quick and easy! Perfect for new additions or replacement IDs.
    Affordable on any budget  
    No wait or hassle of ordering IDs
    User-friendly and space-conscious design
Contact TransTech Systems, the source for ID card systems, at 888-843-3643 or
Everwhite EverEZ Resurfacing Panels install over the surface of your old whiteboards or chalkboards, transforming them into new whiteboards with minimal cost and effort. Simply peel and stick.
Backed by a lifetime guarantee against ghosting and staining, the EverWhite surface will remain white for a lifetime. For a free sample, call 800-824-1482.
MindWingMindwing Concepts provides highly interactive professional development workshops and multisensory materials. Their goal is to give every child - regardless of age, ability or culture - the skills to think, communicate and learn effectively in order to achieve academic and social success. Visit their website to see the NEW Autism Collection!
Wolverine Sports Wolverine Sports has been providing schools and individuals with physical education supplies and sports equipment since 1954. They offer everything from simple kids games to all the major sports. Take advantage of their 56 years of experience. Visit them online today!
Hufcor Operable partitions provide the flexibility to create several rooms from one space, easily and quickly. Hufcor, the leading manufacturer of operable and accordion partitions, also offers glasswall partitions for areas where you need a physical, but not a visual barrier. Glass panels can be used to separate and secure office and public areas or to create a cry room in the sanctuary. They can be easily moved when not needed in the opening. Choose from models framed with beautiful wood, clear glass, or aluminum framed for sound control.
Markel Markel offers essential insurance coverages for Christian schools. Liability coverages include general, umbrella, abuse and molestation, teachers' professional, corporal punishment, accident medical, special events, and volunteers as additional insureds, and more. Coverage for the school's property including buildings, contents, and automobiles is also available. A.M. Best rated A (Excellent).
Encore Encore Data Products loves schools! As a distributor of educational products and more, they ship to every state in the U.S. and beyond. Headphones, listening centers, carts, projectors, furniture and more. They handle many of the top brands, including Hamilton, Buhl, Califone, Telex, Luxor, AVID Education and Early Childhood Resources.
OFM OFM, Inc., one of the nation's leading office and school furniture manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers, says a study of its own internal data showed OFM products that were showcased in Web videos had a lower return rate indicating that end-users were more satisfied with their purchase. The company's retailers credit the videos for increasing customer satisfaction by making the product more accessible.
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