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Issue: # 3 February 2008

Now that we are more than six weeks into the New Year let's talk about New Year's resolutions, the number one resolution I hear women discuss is losing weight.  Instead of resolving to lose weight, how about resolving to make one positive lifestyle change?  Being healthy is more than a number on the scale or a dress size, it's about nutrition and understanding how food works in your body.

For more inspiring weight loss transformations visit my girl Tiare Smith's blog to see her before and after pics, she basically cut out the "whites" flour & sugar, processed foods and incorporated exercise.  Also visit Wanda Santiago's blog too, she took matters into her hands a different way.

You Deserve a Break Today

Without the Guilt

I always feel guilty when I take a break from my everyday life, especially when I indulge in my favorite passion-scrapbooking.  Well imagine 19 hardworking sistah's dropping off kids here and there writing out schedules, packing cart loads of scrapbooking supplies, food , tables and chairs in the pouring rain and driving down winding roads from the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area to Bethany Beach, Delaware on a cold Friday night.

I think it was hard for us to unwind and settle in the first night, but by Saturday afternoon, after a brief shopping escapade to the QVC Outlet, we got our creative juices going.  The purpose of our "break" was to celebrate Michelle's 40th Birthday, but I can say that I for one also celebrated a well deserved break, it was refreshing and gave me strength to head back home and deal with two deaths in the family, the death of two hamsters and a house full of (18) relatives for a couple of days!  CLICK HERE for photos

So the next time you are invited to take a break from your everyday life, make the arrangements and JUST DO IT!

tenisha's monthly know you can

Did you see this blog post about Tenisha, a recipient of this newsletter was so inspired by Renee Hagler's planner she went all out and made herself one!  You go Tenisha!

Prime Example of Ethnic Scrapbooking
Matryoshka Doll

I attended a scrapbooking class at an event in Chantilly, Virginia and I am so glad that I did.  For one, it was nice to be a student instead of the teacher.  I was super thrilled that the class was based on a Russian doll, one I actually have in my home, it's my reminder of a government project I helped manage that was in Russia and of my mother's mission trip to Russia (see page 99 in my book Ethnic Scrapbooking).  Thank you Tia Bennett for thinking out of the box and bringing such a fabulous project to the public.

Experience Photo Freedom

For only the shipping & handling charges you can scan up to 1,000 4x6 photographs until March 15, 2008, visit website for requirements and the full details.

Then check out this post about a new photo sorting method I tried out.
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