"Connecting People & Cultures" January 2008
Volume 1 Issue 2

As we start a new year, (Chinese New Year Jan 21st...year of the RAT) I am hoping that you are ruled by both head and heart, you value marketing that is ambitious, intelligent, and inspiring. In spirit of that thought I have just a few ways of connecting to Dr. Martin Luther King's famous speech to share with you this issue.
Marching on Washington,
 My Dream 
Instead of making a list of New Year's Resolutions, I've decided to focus on one word for the year and that would be Balance.
Check my Blog entry where I discuss this further.
What's your dream for this year?  Please share it in the comments section so my readers and I can encourage you.
Connecting to MLK
Having a house full of kids at so many age levels, I find myself repeating basic information about Dr. Martin Luther King.  This year Leah came home from school one day and was quite surprised by hearing that Rosa Parks's defiance to move to the back of the boss was related to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  You see for the past month she's been reading his biography and was shocked by the connection.  It was an excellent opportunity for me to share with her how two ordinary people did extraordinary things just like many people of the Bible.
CLICK HERE for a layout I did about Jonathan's understanding of Martin Luther King a few years ago.
scrapfriendsplanner Be More Organized
This is one of my daily dreams!  What I've realized is that by keeping it in the forefront of my thoughts each day it is possible.  If you haven't secured the perfect yearly planner, CLICK HERE for instructions by my friend Renee Hagler to create your own.
snag her image, link to her blog and to the instructions.
In This Issue
My Dream
Connecting to MLK
Be More Organized
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Closing Headline
Please stop by my Blog or website and let me know how you can make a connection to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. or share with us your New Year's resolutions or Word for the Year.  I look forward to hearing form you.
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